WISE WORDS Part 1: Donald Trump"s Business Tips!


  1. Legendoom

    Know what makes a really great businessman Trump? When your father has 5
    million dollars and dies.

  2. WILSON!

    Not at all. What if the world were made up entirely of Joe Schmoes? Aside
    from the entertaining aspect of Donald Trump, what about the fantastic
    pieces of real estate he’s developed? Have you ever even been in one of his
    buildings? Or been on one of his golf courses? Thank god for him.

  3. David Chaney

    obvious advice can take a person a long way in life. not many people can
    actually do most of the things an average person can do.

  4. entrepreneurbizforum

    I learnt a few new things here, thanks for sharing.

  5. Head Exposed

    Check out Donald Trump’s #Business #Tips
    Watch this video:
    WISE WORDS Part 1: Donald Trump’s Business Tips!

  6. Isaac Thomas

    Hi im isaac from minnesota and now at the year 2013 im age 24 years old
    just a little punk kid but i was born with serabual pulsy
    And learning disability and then parent where very poor then when i was 9
    years after all the fighting my parents got divorced then
    When was 13 years old i ended up in a lock up hospital and taken away from
    my mom put on heavy medacation until i was sedated
    And un aware of anything around me and still to this day i live in really
    controlling foster homes and not allowed to see my mom

  7. Isaac Thomas

    But i always still to this day thru out my hole life since i was 6 years
    old would draw really kool cathedrals and skyscrapers and when i was about
    7 or 8 years old my mom bouht me a box of legos and i would build
    cathedrals ,boats, ships houses, semis,
    and skyscrapers and right when i was 7 or 8 years old right after my mom
    bouht me those legos the first thing ever built was a big ship
    and my mom and dad where just blown away by what i built but these days i
    still build with legos and still draw buildings my goal in life is to build
    multi quatrillion dollar huge architectual, engineering, computer and
    android technology business with
    Two 80 storie headquarter one in new york city and one in minneapolis those
    two headquarter for the architecture and engineering
    Then two other 41 storie headquarters one in miami and one in seattle and
    those headquarters are for the computer and andriod technology. Isaac!!!!!

  8. Ian Johnson

    Ian Johnson Infinite Group endorses Donal Trump

  9. mike perkins

    What a dirtbag. His parents must be real proud.

  10. William Redfern

    COMB OVERS could pose a health risk some people could have a heart attack

  11. marc carey

    Good video, please have a look at mine.

    Thank you.

  12. Nick Pratt

    Great tips here. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Jane Torpy

    Aaawwhh, geez thanks for the advice Donald. Instead of shoving icecreams
    down that fat throat of yours all day why don’t you donate some money to
    Syria where the children are destitute right now. You’re nothing but a
    “shameless scumbag” with no heart and only thinks of himself.

  14. Jane Torpy

    The reason why people don’t like Trump is because this man is the
    greediest, most selfish man on this planet. If all these rich creatures
    herded together they have the capability to feed every starving child on
    this planet and still maintain a decent amount of wealth.

  15. john sosa

    Why do people wish to be rich? Your not even going to have any time to
    enjoy the shit u bust your Ass for! It’s fucking stupid, and for the people
    who do want that my advice is, money won’t fill that void in your heart.
    Just be happy with what you have and don’t envy what you dont

  16. john sosa

    All you people are a bunch of krusty krabs!

  17. Isaac Thomas

    My talent is playing heavy death metal on the guitar 

  18. nirvfan81

    Trump is a business genius and legend. Haters are just jealous they don’t
    have the same drive and passion that he does.

  19. k moy

    im pissed off. thanks for saying to stand up for self
    see those dopes on shark tank
    i need to get out of here
    im pissed at lazy ‘women’
    learn by yourself
    no more supporting the lazy bitch blokes
    want to tell off the polygamist shits!!!!!!!!!!are you getting bored with
    them floozies yet?

  20. Minimal


  21. Jon Anderson

    Help people on your way being succesfull, and money will come.

  22. violet erin

    damnit the hair issue never ends?

  23. yin taichi

    Don’t like Trump ? Just look at his Kids!!! DJT is the PT Barnum of the
    21st century. He said: ” I’m the Hero of my own Comic Book .” That is
    the attitude for
    all Success-oriented people to take. His book Trump 101 is Good Business.
    Ta-Da !

  24. 702fmf

    See you in hell trump suck an aids dick

  25. James Rr



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