What to Wear to an Interview + Business Formal Tips!


  1. Angela Lynn

    Omg so much talking damn

  2. TENSHl

    I don’t think you are talking too much in this, people are just being rude.
    Anyways, thank you for being my lifeline now that I have started a job in
    which the dress code is “business formal”.

  3. Anisha Greene

    Boots are the only choice if you want to guarantee interview success.

  4. Lorraine G. (Lolo)

    Cool. Very cute PowerPoint presentation afterwards. thanks for some great

  5. name

    I’ve just watched several videos about interview outfits for young women,
    and yours is the FIRST that doesn’t showcase clothes that are tacky, too
    tight, and inappropriate. Thank you for dressing for the real world!

  6. Phonekeo Sakdavong

    Thank you for sharing your experience on wearing outfits to workplace, that
    was very good for people who is confidence themselves and as i have
    observed your review it would be good if you can give the reason why you
    select this suite and what color or style it can go along with each one.
    Sometime, it will be good to give general ideas how to wear to workplace
    everyday. I always follow your review so, please please keep doing

  7. Rose Liu

    I love your videos!! Please do more videos like this!

  8. FrightfulAccountant

    In your climate, that time of your, I would match the 2nd outfit with
    nearly black stockings, as it’s a little unprofessional to wear no legwear
    with this very conservative outfit. Much as it would be a little
    uprofessional for a man to wear no tie with a very conservative suit in a
    colder climate.

    All 3 great looks btw!

  9. Vania Noguez

    can u do a tutorial on the hair bun?

  10. Kay Flip

    I have an MBA from Wharton, 2 years of IB analyst experience at Goldman, 2
    years of associate experience at KKR, just made VP last year and sit on the
    boards of multiple companies at the age of 28. I can just show up in
    jogging pants and no one can do anything about it.

  11. Ashley Manney

    starts at 03:57


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