Ultimate Business and Professional"s Guide to Working with the Surface Pro 4


  1. Adam Potaznik

    Thanks for the video. I am considering a Surface Pro 4 and I have dual
    monitors and didn’t want to drop US$200 on the hub. Pluggable looks better.
    I am also really into Onenote, and you made me install Office Lens on my
    new Galaxy S7 Edge :D

  2. Sonny Malki

    HI Sean, I just bought a Surface Pro 4 but I can’t seem to find a video or
    instructions on How to take a screen shot on Pro 4?

  3. Candice Bryson

    Thanks so much for this guide. I have a question… How can I use the
    meeting notes like you did in your video? I went to my one note and I
    didn’t see the option there… Is this something you downloaded? I have a
    surface pro 4 as well. Thanks

  4. Joel Harvey

    Microsoft should be paying you for your advertisements. Your videos made me
    buy one myself haha

    Good videos, keep them up 👍🏻

  5. ftgjilhohp

    How did you manage to connect wirelessly Surface Pro 4 to projector?

  6. 007tubeless

    Google keep has been doing the one note function.

  7. Emily Fan

    The function to be able to do presentation wireless is awesome! Thank god i
    found this video and now I am more than ever convinced to purchase a
    surface pro 4 🙂 However, can you pls share with me what tool/device I
    shall purchase in order to do the presentation wireless like you did in
    your video? Thanks for sharing!

  8. hugo gutierrez

    Hey ong how will the surface handle for a bigginer IT guy

  9. Bruce Fyfe

    Great videos. Keep up the great work!

  10. Ben Foster

    hi Sean, how to activate the wireless with your pro4

  11. Saksakorn Srinatthapong

    Many thanks Sean. You make my decision much easier after watching 2 clips

  12. Mr Hrd

    Excellent Tips, Thank you Sean

  13. Can & Mert

    I’m a student I need a 2 in 1 what should I buy?

  14. John Song

    I really like the idea of connecting the surface to a projector via a
    wireless adapter! Does any wireless adapter work with the surface pro 4?
    Also is any projector compatible with the surface and wireless adapters or
    do I need to purchase specific brands and models?

  15. Deny Prasetyawan

    hey Sean so I bought the Wireless Display Adapter, but it won’t connect to
    the projector, any idea? I can connect it finely to any monitor, but I
    really wanted to be able to connect it to projector for future use. Thank
    you for the reply

  16. george balboa

    Thanks really insightful tips

  17. Teemi Dax

    you made me buy sp4, sean

  18. Stacey Johnson

    On the photo of the mount that says “photo by /u/activateheroshield,” what
    is the main website for the URL? I really like that mount

  19. xavier matthew

    which item did u use for the projector display?

  20. Digiphex Electronics

    You are not dressed as a professional in my world.

  21. Janice Delatte

    I’m not tech savvy at all…so what other apps do u feel students should
    upload here to get the best use out of this comp?

  22. Ahmed ghaleb

    i believe i just saw the best and the only video that explains how to use
    sp4 at your work . but i am new in the Microsoft world. so could u please
    mention what could be the best applications that i can get from Microsoft

    Thank You

  23. TheJoenaruto

    how did you wirelessly projected on surface pro 4?

  24. Claire Jevon

    Great for teaching!

  25. Richard Kaleta


  26. Ábel Balla

    You are better than anyone at Microsoft’s marketing team :D

  27. Andrew Prince

    I cant find Paypal here. Is it still available? Maybe not available in

  28. Punnkins

    Ok I’m honestly being serious. you are classy

  29. Dom

    How do you have an Asian surname? Are you mixed?

  30. Fan of Microsoft

    Any review of eTauro Surface Pro 3 and Pro 4 docking station ?

  31. RJ Matthews

    Could someone tell me what kind of stand that’s holding up the SP4 at 4:34?

  32. Mr. N

    I want to watch Boardwalk Empire after watching you. Thanks for the tips.

  33. Payton Kaiser

    The part with the kids was cute (:

  34. Mihail Stoyanov

    Man I fuking love you, favourite youtuber from just one video, keep up the
    good work… I’ll be here to watch you explode and take your place among
    the big tech channels


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