‘TRUTH EXPOSED" About Your First Year In The Landscaping Business


  1. nongnard brown

    haaaaa i like that, man if you come work on my yard i give you double.

  2. nongnard brown

    my boy friend is handyman ,he is the same thing ,he can not do the yard for
    me.he working so hard and no money .

  3. izzy speaks

    Dude that impression he made sounds exactly like one of my clients. the
    cheap mother fucker owns so many gas stations and is just rolling in cash
    and won’t even pay me 35 bucks

  4. john carbajal

    Thanks for the advice I’m brand new to this business thing I’m 19 I have a
    baby and I’m tired of working for people soo I decided to own my own
    business but I’ve always known there was more than just starting it and
    running it

  5. Joel Lovera

    Havent start my lawn and landscaping bis but have my trailer equiments and
    flyers ready to start hangin out my flyers next week. Already have my firts
    customer on saturday gonna make 300 bucks there and ur one of my motivation
    u videos help me alot cause i dont know nothing about lawn and landscaping
    but my partner know everything about it. Keep up the good work man. Good
    job. Blessit lawn & landscaping service 🙏🏾

  6. Joshua Schreiner

    awesome video bro 👍

  7. Rick Clark

    Hello Keith, love your videos. i live north of you in Michigan and trying
    to get the courage to go to store fronts to clean their glass. at my job
    now i clean glass and janitorial work. just scared to confront these
    people. i want to get all your info but can’t afford to rite now so i watch
    all your videos.anything you can do to help and encourage me to get past
    this fear of confronting people to wash their windows. HELP!!!!

  8. No Business Like Mow Business

    Still my favorite video or yours. I subscribed under my name i believe a
    lil over a yr ago. You gave a shot out to me and some others i think on
    your birthday. Hope all is well stud.

  9. Philip Villaloboz

    I do A/C in Rosenberg Tx. If starting out and could only afford advertising
    one place. Where would you recommend to start?

  10. IdeasEssential

    Nice. Thank you very much for this information god bless you.

  11. Cash4Houses Awesome

    This is an Amazing Video on Reeeeaaaaal Shit that every Entrepreneur goes
    through regardless if your a Landscaper or a real estate investor.

  12. Darnell Drayton

    Dude I love this!! You hit it right on the head!


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