Top 10 Hotel Management Tips for Managers in the Hospitality Industry


  1. lingling mei


  2. Gerardo Delgatho Gahona


  3. Dilip Sanchez

    Interesting…however there are lots more of other amazing tips out there
    for hotel managers to start thinking of for this year. An example of an
    impressive tool would be the Geteco feedback tool that some hotels are
    using now. Plus others that managers can use to ensure better guest
    satisfaction for the year 2013

  4. Sharon Linth

    Hi Dilip, i have heard about that tool called Geteco as well. In fact my
    hotel management team is in process of implementing it. I have seen a demo
    of how it works and their website as well. Cant waif for it to be under
    operation. Cheers 🙂

  5. adeola aragbaye

    veri helpful.

  6. Boris Mironov

    Mandarin Oriental Hotel,Washington D.C. I never see any hotels, when
    management just talking about guests, but doing nothing to keep hotel clean

  7. Kristin Russell

    This was a little helpful but real confusing because listen to your video
    and the way you numbered those tips

  8. Josh H.

    Next time no music please.

  9. Alex22566

    At no 5, there were also three “sub-numbers”. 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 – I hope this
    helps you. (Internet was good for three things..)

  10. Chars field

    Very informative and helpful clip.

  11. HowlerTwoSeven

    LMAO! Wesley Willis Background music.

  12. KickWickKate

    My teacher sent our class this link. The information is good but who ever
    did the editing needs to go back and fix it. Jumps from 5 to 2 to 3 to 4 to
    3 to 2 again, so its really giving 12 tips not 12. Again all great tips but
    poorly edited.

  13. 재우양

    ummm I have some questions, can u pls help me reply with my question? I am
    going to transfer my university after few years. in this type situation am
    I allow to continue my year 2 degree after finish diploma 2 years or do I
    have to restart from year 1 degree?

  14. Paul Smith

    Probably the most thankless business next to police work. All people
    (guests) do is bitch, whine, complain, piss, moan about everything under
    the sun. They get their dirt cheap rates through third parties, then expect
    5 star service. And if you don’t kiss their nobody ass, they go on review
    websites where they can be a bigshot & trash your business. Just another
    example of how scummy & shitty the human race really is.

  15. BigD

    Here’s the best advice you will get: Choose another career path!

    I chose Hotel Management as my major and it was the biggest mistake of my
    life. It wasn’t until my last semester until my teacher, who I had multiple
    times before in previous classes, said that it takes TEN years for someone
    to get promoted to a first line manager and then ANOTHER ten years till you
    get promoted to a decent job such as GM.

    Not only that but my school never told me that the vast majority of hotels
    are actually ran by management companies. Unless these aren’t a top of the
    line, huge hotel, of which a big city will probably have like five of,
    these hotels will be bought and sold every two years or so. The new owners
    will have their own management company, who will hire their own GM. The new
    GM will bring his own director of sales and perhaps a few other managers.
    This makes it difficult to get promoted and turnover VERY prevalent. When
    you get laid off you have to find work in another state.

    Furthermore, your education is WORTHLESS. It would have been much more
    beneficial to work the four years instead of obtaining the four year
    degree. You obtain no skill from college.

    Plus, there are a number of other factors that I knew before getting into
    the industry but still took its turn on me after awhile:

    Pay is terrible for entry level employees and first line managers.

    Working nights and 99% of weekends in my case. It was very rare that I got
    either Saturday or Sunday off but there was a few exceptions and I note one

    Get used to working 3-11PM one night and 7AM – 3PM the next day.

    It is not uncommon to get called into work on your days off when people
    call off.

    Forget about holidays off. In my year and a half in that industry, I
    worked two Christmases, two Thanksgivings, two New Year’s Eve, and two New
    Year’s day during my tenure. To be fair, I did get one Easter off.

    Not having two consecutive days off was the norm for me.

    Customers abuse you. Getting yelled at was anything but uncommon.

    If customers don’t like you, they can report their experience on travel
    sites. This didn’t happen to me but it did to a couple of my coworkers.

    Customers make up complaints, usually in an attempt to get free stuff, and
    play you like a fool.

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