Tips On Starting a Jewelry Business

these are just a few questions tat y subbie have asked, as well as a few tips on starting your own jewelry busness. where you can get an affordable website to display & sell your product.

my website


  1. yvee80

    first let me say what color is your lipstick? and the hair I love!!! I am
    starting a jewelry business as well as long as hair accessories this video
    was very positive and inspirational and I thank you for that! Good Luck
    with everything you are VERY talented and a beautiful young lady!

  2. sierra simmons

    Wow ! really informative; just what i was looking for 🙂

  3. Sabrina Jordan Creations

    Love this video in still fairly new to jewelry sales r great i shop
    everywhere for supplies

  4. Granny crafting

    Thank you for advice on How To Start Your Own Business This Is Granneys
    Crafting Thank You You Are Blessing In My Life

  5. Cherri Lake

    Thank you Sooooooo much, I’m starting my own online boutique and I’m
    hearing big cartel is great to use!!! Thank you so much doll

  6. Cherri Lake

    This was Sooooooo beautiful, because I never knew I would want to have my
    own business and I feel Sooooooo blessed now. I never could work with
    people at jobs not to say that I’m not a people person is just always drama
    or something and I end up quitting. I’m so glad it’s sides like big cartel
    and people like you that’s willing to share their success!!!!!!:)
    lovvvvvveeee you thanks again Queen:)

  7. leher rose

    Thanks so much for the tips! Your recommendations and things to do are a
    blessing to me. A question I had .. do we need the tax ID and permit before
    we list our first product on etsy or can it be done along the way? Sorry I
    don’t know! 🙂 Thank you and wishing you the best!

  8. ellie bindon

    Thanks you helped me so much:):)

    Now I have my own business (felt) so not exactly jewellery. 🙂


  9. April Smith
  10. JollyRose143

    do you have to have business permit to use Facebook account for just
    starting a jewelry business?
    Thanks hon,this is very information.

  11. SoFrolushesTV

    This is a very useful video. I have tried a few homemade crafts from
    candles to soap and crochet. I will defo check out the crochet channel as
    I am determined to learn that skill. As for the earrings this video is a
    blessing and encouragement to make a start.

  12. Khalilah Ball

    Thanks for the tips, this video has helped even two years later. I
    appreciate the encouragement. 

  13. Jazman Kennard

    Could you please tell me the website address to post inventory online

  14. 2PurpleStars6

    Your Awesome! Thank you very much for this! Your video was very informative
    yet inspiring! 

  15. debsam77

    Out of all the videos I’ve watched you are the sweetest most intelligent
    young lady!

  16. Butina Johnson

    Thanks so much for sharing! You have no idea how much you have inspired me
    today! God bless you!!!!!!!

  17. Tiffany Conover

    Thank you because I make jewelry and sell also. I’m just starting out so I
    want to be sure to do it legally and gain customers also.

  18. Wendy Manning

    You are a great person for sharing this information. Best of luck to you
    and your business.

  19. Ya'Nal Clothing

    Thank you so much for this..I make skirts and this video gave me
    life..bigcartel Wow didn’t know about that..GOD bless you!

  20. Aisha Bakry


  21. Cat Ratliff

    Thanks. You are such an inspiration.


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