Tips For Starting A Lawn Care business

Just a video of me rambling on about starting a lawn care business. When starting a business sometimes you just have to got for it. Work hard and good things will happen. I hope this video helped and good luck with your business. Please email me with any questions or comments.

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  1. TopNotchLawns

    Add a message to your video

  2. Randy Mikhaiel

    Great advice on the mow and go! Great advice all around! Wish you all the
    success in your voyage!

  3. B&M Lawn Care

    I prefer solo 1 helper down the road may be it since my dad is done he will
    be 71 had to talk him out of it this year health is just to on the edge,
    addon services will always help bring in cash, I want a JD stander at some
    point love Wright’s no dealers around but since Wright and JD teamed up all

    All my years of work word of mouth next years plan is set out already be
    busy working through the winter either re-branding but with sign designs
    etc for my trailer, we have a free weekly paper all I ever used some years.
    I learned stuff up down working on shitty Gravely’s they start breaking
    down bad around 1,000 hours the company plain sucks went over 12yr with

  4. MightyLawns T.V.

    top notch advice…you will get big…as big as your dreams are your drive
    and passion will see you all the way through….please record everything
    you do, so it can empower others, thanks for uploading your video!

  5. MightyLawns T.V.

    please never stop making videos, you truly have a gift, a voice that
    everyone needs to here…walk everyone through your steps…
    telling you, your channel is going to grow along with your business…we
    need your voice out here!

  6. MightyLawns T.V.

    amen, from 5:20 on…i swear you are my brother from another mother…thank
    you for telling the truth…alot of these guys don’t tell the truth on

  7. SEF the Lawn Surgeon

    Great video bro

  8. Hendryx Lawn Service

    Excellent video!

  9. Lawn Care Rookie

    I think to myself when I’m driving by someone else’s finished product, why
    didn’t they edge, is that extra? Don’t give them an option. A lot of people
    are going to go with the cheapest rate and then your workmanship looks bad!
    Nobody but the cheap homeowner knows that you are skipping things for a
    cheaper price!! Most valuable customers will pay for good work. The ones
    that don’t are probably not worth the hassle. Sorry… I’ll save the rest
    of my soap box for my channel… Lol Great video!!! I agree with everything
    you said 🙂 

  10. Robert Larsen

    Great advice. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Lincoln Landscaping Ltd.

    Would you ever buy used equipment? I’ve only ever purchased new mowers, but
    I really want to add a Walker Mower. There’s one for sale in my town and
    its a 2008 diesel. It looks like its in good shape but has high hours. I
    just can’t get over how great walkers perform and the quality cut they
    produce. Do you think I should continue saving for a new walker or buy

  12. Dependable Lawn Services

    This is a good video man… a lot of great advice here. thanks!

  13. Accord Automotive

    Im here because your vids are shorter, was watching the “Freaks” vids but
    just TOO long! Both of you guys are informative but being able to STAY on
    topic and compress into 10m vids or less is a plus.

  14. Spartan Videos


  15. Wyatt Schimmelman

    What kind of mowers you have


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