Tips for Financial Success with Business Expert Dani Johnson

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  1. jahnotdead

    My goodness woman, don’t you ever get OLD? 😛 You look amazing! Thanks for
    the video.

  2. Brett McKee

    So true. Watch ….

  3. Elesha Albert

    #besuccessful #stayfocused #selfdevelopment 

  4. Tony Stone

    I really like the information here in this video. Dani Johnson really
    motivates me, I hope it will do the same for you….to your success!

  5. Manuel J

    Love this woman!

  6. Brittany Lavoie

    Phenomenal video, it’s your choice. Are you the 98% or the 2%?

  7. Edie Kay

    Dani, I haven’t plugged into your training for over two years now (ugh!
    I’ve been missing out!) Good to see you haven’t skipped a beat and your
    stuff is still as awesome as ever – what an inspiration you are and
    continue to be. Didn’t know you were on YOuTube. Subscribed now, so I won’t
    miss a thing. 😉

  8. Frida Gonzalez

    Phenomenal video, it’s your choice. Are you the 98% or the 2%?

  9. Jack Werner Signworld

    Very inspirational words.

  10. Tykshalay

    I just returned last week from Dani Johnson in Los Angeles… changed my
    life forever. I recommended it. You really should get to the next Dani
    Johnson seminar. Sign up, its worth every penny you spend.

  11. Brett Baize

    Talk about hitting the nail on the head..

  12. Liz S

    What a GREAT message. This lady has some great advice for Business minded
    folks like ME. 🙂 Please share

  13. hedysacademy


  14. DakotaJanes

    Really?!!! Hmmmm… I listen to this and remember the years I worked in the
    ME where there is practically no law, and feel how very wrong you are.
    Where you are is a major contributor to success. 

  15. life123utube

    Nice!!! I’m going to check out more of your videos now. This was amazing.

  16. Mintie365

    Such motivation! Dani please be a guest speaker at TED, I would love to get
    to know more about how you’re now living the american dream, being
    successful, raising a wonderful family and just overall blissful lifestyle.
    After viewing the Secret Millionaires episode, I feel like i’ve finally
    discovered a role model, someone who is leading the life that I’ve always
    dreamt of. Keep spreading the joy and wisdom, bless.

  17. marc carey

    Good video.

    Thanks. 🙂 

  18. Summer Mauigoa

    LOL you’re so fun

  19. Ralph Roinson

    i like you message you are great on your jobs 

  20. Labarron Kennedy

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    leads in one day. If you know someone who is in need of this information,
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  21. PBPnK

    Truth be told! Not just by somebody, but by a living and breathing advocate
    of Success! thank you for sharing the tips you words give me more and more
    reassurance that maybe not my bank account (Just yet) lol but my mindset is
    in the right path of where it needs to be and that yes. It is up to me,
    while others are watching youtube videos simply just for pleasure, or on
    facebook and playing farm ville rather then connecting to their loved ones
    or potential business associates there are a few of us that are truly
    seeking out help and reassurance on living a more prosperous and successful
    Life. Your right 24 hours is what we have and that’s not going to change
    from the second we come into this life… to the second we leave this
    life…. But we have a choice on how and what we do everyday in between
    that time, that can make or break all the difference. “How will you spend
    your time” I love it thanks for doing what you do. I appreciate
    it. Follow me on Instagram
    pbpnk Much Love Patryk Potok @ Fb

  22. Marissa Meleske

    Love this

  23. Gwen O

    A very powerful video. Just the right video before I sleep. Thank you,

  24. Faye Lim

    It’s a inspiring video… Thanks for sharing Dani! Great motivation to all
    of us.

  25. Michael Thomas

    Wow theres the truth right there. Thank you Dani


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