The 5 MOST Powerful Facebook Advertising Tips


  1. G. H. Nairn

    Some Facebook gurus on Youtube say not to use Facebook’s Boost advertising
    option but do not give an alternative method, is Boost Facebook’s only way
    to advertise? Thanks.

  2. John Humpton

    Great video, thanks! I am currently getting great performance from my ads,
    sub 15 cent clicks, but my conversion is poor. My product is a fairly big
    purchase though, at $350. Do you have any tips for someone like me to boost
    conversion? (Currently counting a sale as a conversion, with no email opt
    in on the site)

  3. Jhana Quiel

    Hey Matthew,

    I find your video very helpful. I want to create my own Facebook page to
    advertise and get some sign ups on SFI and Triple Clicks. the problem is i
    don’t have experience in all of this. and im working only with my
    smartphone. do you think i can make it?

  4. Matteo Noceti

    hi Matthew compliments for the video. for affiliation site is better to
    promote the blog article and inside there is the affiliate product or
    create an direct interrupt ads post ? my target is health and welfare
    target woman


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