Successful Start-Up Tips for Lawn Care Business

Successful 13 year veteran of Lawn Service Business gives strong start up advice to newcomers.


  1. MegaJane37

    Lawn Care Business

  2. foxboots112

    Very helpful video. Thanks

  3. Karol Navarro

    thank you!!!!!

  4. Chris Waite

    Ok video but you could have gotton to the point a lot faster. But still all
    in all great info.

  5. askanthonynow

    Keep working on getting more customers. Have you ever heard the old saying,
    if you throw enough mud against the wall some will eventually stick. Keep
    getting new customers and some of them will stick with you. The base will
    keep getting larger but keep putting new accounts on the list, whatever you
    have to do. Getting started is the hardest part. Don’t give up don’t quit,
    keep throwing mud.

  6. crittergitter01

    Thanks man!!!

  7. dakotaownzjr

    how do you go make bids??

  8. rasul21009

    How much cash would you guys say I need to Start up

  9. emimole132

    Hey I am 12 and I started lawn mowing business a month ago and I have got
    over 700$ I really want to have more customers because some say no when I
    knock on the door can u plzz help it will be a huge thnkz zzz

  10. Loui Eriksson

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Kids that are younger then you are asking
    these questions one has over 700$ in cash right now LOL

  11. askanthonynow

    At least 18, depending upon the state you’re from.

  12. askanthonynow

    These are all good questions. Mower will depend on what you can afford and
    what’s practical to get started in your area. Prices will depend on size of
    lawns in your area and the amount of detail required. There are jobs to do
    all year long but you will have to be willing to do anything and everything
    such as cleaning out gutters, hauling off trash shoveling snow etc. You may
    end up washing a car or whatever but the point is you’re learning how to
    get new customers and generate cash flow.

  13. ricky jones

    I’m only 14 and I a

  14. ricky jones

    I’m only 14 and I started cutting a few yards last spring and I have made
    enough money and have enough yards to upgrade from my dads riding mower to
    a brand new zero turn. Even though I don’t know all the trades I’m pretty
    good at the basics. And hopefully I will keep expanding my business.

  15. spong bab

    wow these r some really good tips! i never thought of it like that. yah
    like a lot of people r asking what should the price be? this summer im
    moving to texas and i dont know how much i would charge the zoning and the
    yards r a whole lot different then K.C.

  16. Ismael Mazon

    hey i trying to start a lawn care service trying to find out how much to
    charge and what equipment to really buy working on a low income budget

  17. Scott Mcguire

    im thinking it will be a positive if the ” little old lady ” is telling
    everyone how happy she is with her lawn service.. Thanks for the video. It
    really was quite informative and has helped…

  18. Baby James

    Hey Anthony, I’m interested in starting a lawn care/landscaping business.
    Actually a friend and I, were willing to buy the equipment necessary for
    the job. Recently we were discussing purchasing at least one but maybe two,
    zero turn lawn mowers, there pretty expensive as you well know. We don’t
    have a lot of money but we can afford some of the more important tools for
    the job. Our concern however, is what’s the best way to get started after
    purchasing the equipment? And what to expect?

  19. Bobby Johnson

    I have a question about mowers. I haven’t purchased my equipment yet. I’m
    still in the planning phase. Should I be more concentrated on getting
    residential or commercial business starting out? And as far as mowers go,
    do you have any recommendations for a mower that can fit through a small
    fence door to a back yard. Most of the homes in Florida have small fenced
    in back yards too small for a dixie chopper to enter. In addition, I am
    having trouble determining pricing. Thank you!

  20. Aussie Kids

    Thanks mate!

  21. Josh Stephens

    Home owners equipment and being paid by one with a very large time
    consuming yard a rate of 10 dollars per hour. And another paying me a flat
    rate of 75 dollars a week to care for their property. Only took 5-6 hours.
    I also mow for my grandparents. They own rental properties and I use my
    John Deere zero turn, a bob cat walk behind with a velkie.

  22. TheMikep420

    What should be on the top of that list is being licensed and insured

  23. kenneth atkinson

    thanks this was very helpful i’m just getting started. im going to make a
    go of it this year so ill be learning as i go.

  24. Wombat Stevens

    You are awesome, Sir. Thank you 

  25. Erik Rooney

    “Detrimental”? That means “tending to cause harm” I think you meant
    “instrumental” meaning, “serving as a crucial means, agent, or tool” … No
    big deal though that was funny.


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