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You might be concerned about your success in business or profession and want to know the possible reasons. Why is it less than others? I have found another reason. This is advertisement. Do you advertise? If yes, then why and if no, then why? The reasons you know better but I have given you some tips which can tell you why to advertise and what will be the benefits.

Give me some answers to my simple questions. Which tea you sip? obviously advertised. Biscuits? advertised. Tooth paste | tooth brush | vehicle pen shirt shoes and what not. If you buy only advertised products and avail advertised services then why others buy your unadvertised products.

I am sure from today you will start advertising your business or profession. Advertisement is not necessarily a budget of millions lacs or crores. It is a small percentage out of your profit. But is should be repetitive and should be visible to your prospective and existing clients.

Thanks a lot for watching this success training video for business and professions. This video is for every one in business and profession may be small traders or shopkeepers or doctors or architects or designers or any one like that. This video is being dedicated to my friend S P Singh of Herbalways and K S Kohli of Frankfinn Music.

T S Madaan
Motivational Speaker | Life Coach


  1. Ts Madaan

    192nd Video on my channel. If you are in business or profession, do watch
    it and share. thanks.

  2. Mohit Chhabra

    Great sir

  3. dushy dhiman

    sir hum direct selling ke business mai agar hum advertisement karenge tho
    vo direct selling kese rahega…jo products hum logo tak saste pahuchate
    hai….fir humare products aur other brands ka products same hi ho
    jayega…fir ye dirct selling business kese rahega

  4. Sathyaish Chakravarthy

    Bohot sunder, sir ji. Very nice. :-)

  5. surya prakash sahu

    my brother doing kirana business in village but not advertise due to known
    by mostly but our business not doing well , as more shops in each area of not much cash customer coming ,50% creditor and out of these 20%
    bad creditor ,how to come out from these condition

  6. Shridhar Gokhale

    very good vedio


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