Study Tips: How to Study for Business Studies

Lily Bleach talks to Rowan Kunz from Study TV providing study tips about how she studied for Business Studies.

Lily and Rowan discuss the following study tips:

– Creating broad study notes
– Creating succinct study notes
– How to structure notes
– Memorizing the syllabus
– Using Past Papers

Lily Bleach completed her Higher School Certificate (HSC) in NSW (2010), where she achieved an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) of 97.9, placing her in the Top 1500 out of 66,000 students in the state.

Lily also achieved a state ranking of 1st in Business Studies out of 16,000 students. Lily is currently studying a Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Law at the University of Technology Sydney.

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  1. Saxle IBid

    Hey 🙂 Thanks for the helpful information on studying. My business studies
    teacher keeps mentioning the syllabus and study notes. Question: where is
    Lily getting all the past papers from?

  2. MrStudyTV

    No worries! Glad you found the video useful. Past HSC Papers can be
    downloaded from the Board of Studies Website. I believe in Lily’s case her
    teacher had also collected a lot of Trial HSC Papers, which they gave to
    the class which helped Lily prepare. Perhaps download the HSC Papers, and
    ask your teacher if they can provide you with Trial HSC Exams (even from
    other schools)?

  3. Passion094

    Thanks for the video 🙂 I found it really helpful and seeing a student that
    has completed the business HSC exam that still has a smile on their face
    shows me there is a rainbow in the end. Its motivated me to work hard
    instead of letting the contents go over my head. I really liked the advice
    of making summary notes of your summary notes, having a blank syllabus to
    fill out and to do practise papers with open book and no book. Thanks Alot

  4. MrStudyTV

    Great to hear you found the video helpful – in fact, the whole point of
    putting videos up off past students was to create hope, so its really great
    to hear that it has achieved this goal!

  5. Janabel T

    can you start doing actual tutorials?

  6. MrStudyTV

    Hi Janabel, When you say actual tutorials, what would you like to learn?

  7. Streetstyl4

    DOes study business administration is a smart choice in malaysia?

  8. tvaddict1124

    Hard work pays off! Thanks Lily, for the inspiration!

  9. MrStudyTV

    Hard work does pay off – but you also need to work smart!

  10. Julie Lam

    There’s a new HSC syllabus in place for BS 2012. This means that there’s no
    past HSC papers to rely on, because the emphasis and information necessary
    will be different. How do I practise without them?! *Help*

  11. MrStudyTV

    @19jewels95 It does make it difficult. In saying this past papers will
    still be very useful as while emphasis has changed for syllabus, much of it
    remains the same. The newer/modified sections – you will need to take
    syllabus dot points and convert into your own questions.

  12. lucykhu18

    Hi MrStudyTV, I was just wondering since bussiness studies does have alot
    of subheadings, how should I divide it so it could be less confusing for my
    notes? 🙂

  13. MrStudyTV

    Hey lucykhu18 – the key is the to follow the syllabus. So yes, within each
    syllabus dot point there may be a number of sub headings – to prevent it
    from being confusing create a heircarchy of importance in your sub-headings
    by using different size fonts/different fonts.

  14. lucykhu18

    Thank you mrstudytv!

  15. BrainMass

    Fantastic Video! Thanks for the help.

  16. Stacey Hallam

    lol fuk u i wun 2 feyl.

  17. Mehek Shaikh

    bloody its icse talk about CBSE u’ll die

  18. Kyran Doyle

    Cool Study Tips. great info here, maybe I should start focusing on some of
    these strategies

  19. anemarie mitran

    Yes I know this works. I will start tonight! I found a way to make money

  20. Alex Reid

    Great tips, thanks.

  21. sarveshnundalallee

    Business Studies Vol 1…..Android App. Download the app…and leave a

  22. Nitm96

    be quiet hoe.

  23. Aldren Poliquit

    Better study for the test!
    *goes on YouTube*


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