Starting an Auto Detailing Business: Maintenance Detailing Tips part 1

Starting an auto detailing business brings many questions to many people. Darren takes you on location to break down the actual steps he follows in doing his maintenance detailing.


  1. Auto Fetish Detail
  2. Appleguy2456

    Thanks! As always your videos help me to make my business more efficient,
    more effective and more knowledgeable. Thank you Darren. 

  3. Appleguy2456

    Darren, I loved this video because you really went into detail on doing the
    actual detail itself. I’d love to see more of this, as this really is
    beneficial to me in order to hone my techniques and skills. Would
    definitely like to see some more specific videos in the future! 

  4. Jonathan L

    I was just about to email you about this information! Wow haha thanks. 

  5. pugzlie18

    I found that for interior buying a a shave brush for lathering up shaving
    soap works well on removing grim from leather. You have to cut the bristles
    though so they’re a little stiffer but they don’t do any harm. I have the
    cut one for the seats, one for dusting the vents then I have a separate one
    for the wheels. When it’s soaked with water they hold a decent amount of
    soap and can get into lug holes nice and easy. It also don’t scratch
    chrome. think the brushes were $10 each.

  6. crazyindianboy24

    how do you get waterspots off wheels after cleaning them 

  7. Kostadin Delizhanski

    Good, better, best … and then … Auto Fetish Detail. Thumbs up.

  8. Jonathan Rivas

    Finally the video I was waiting for Lol!! You actually answered the
    question I had in a different video but this one here goes into more
    details so Thanks!!! Oh by the way started part time business is good got
    another one this friday…

  9. Jonathan Rivas

    Hey Darren I have another recommendation Meguiars D14301 non acid wheel &
    tire cleaner. Don’t let the non acid fool you. I use it on my last two
    details. This stuff works amazing love it. I know you are a big fan of the
    wheel brightener me to but try this let me know what you think if you
    haven’t already. 

  10. mn4a15

    Good video again 

  11. Jansen Vera

    What type of a vacuum do u use?

  12. truth sponge

    great video (as always) Darren…quick question though: why do you not
    clean the interior windows before you move on to the exterior?

  13. MoiDj22

    You Sr. Have won another subscriber, I got to say that your videos are very
    informative and I’m just an enthusiast at the moment, I always had that
    thing on me that tells me to do this for a living, BUT I’m a noob and I
    don’t know too much about it yet.
    That said, you light up that sparkle on me to pursuing what I want, I know
    it will take me a while and effort, also a lot of $$$ to become almost
    close to the level you are ( I will keep researching to learn).
    Anyway I just wanted to thank you for doing all this videos and take the
    time to culturing us and give your advices!
    I’m looking forward to get more involved into this “detailing” world
    industry, but for now I will start from the bottom and doing it for my own
    satisfaction in my vehicles and family.
    As I said, you persuade me, now I’m about to this and hope in God
    everything works out well.
    Sorry for my long a$$ speech.
    Thank you and have a good one.


  14. jhau571

    What brand of water hose do you use 

  15. Diantwan Killings

    I’m a car wash detailer here in Nashville I’ve been investing to start my
    own detailing business once I relocate to New Orleans! I have been watching
    your videos and I have learned a lot from you and I really appreciate it!
    My boss at work says that I’m a very good detailer and he thinks I will do
    well running my own business! I have been thinking about going to a detail
    school before I do so but my boss thinks its a waist of time because he
    says I already know what they will try and teach me what do you think?

  16. Jonathan L

    The problem I face is finding people who appreciate that level of cleaning
    and are willing to pay for it….all these “cheap” guys make it even
    harder….thanks. I’ve watched this video like 10x lol.

  17. Diantwan Killings

    Thanks for the advice Darren!

  18. Dagoberto Ruiz

    Great tips!


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