Small Business Tips Video #23 – Getting Your Small Business Organized Curtis"s cash flow was exciting until he realized he needed to pay bills too. To understand his business he needed to get organized. He researched and talked with friends and found that a lot of his problems could be solved by installing a Point of Sale software system. Created by GreatBusinessContent this small business tip video is designed to help other owners avoid preventable mistakes.

Getting Your Small Business Organized
I lived on a sailboat in the Caribbean for 8 years. Before selling it all and moving aboard I would lay awake at night dreaming of my big adventure. I often wondered what problems would arise, I just couldn"t imagine the issues I would face. I didn"t know what I didn"t know, and I knew that.

When Curtis Mart purchased Cuban Corner Cigar Co. he didn"t know what he didn"t know about running a small business. He knew long hours would be part of the picture and was more than willing to put in the time. What he learned very quickly however was that to survive he needed to get organized.

Since he purchased the company as an already operating business he didn"t need to purchase the inventory at once. As a result cash flow looked pretty exciting at first, till he realized replacement inventory was needed.

Then there was the issue of tracking inventory. A well placed Cigar Company can easily sell hundreds if not thousands of individual cigars per month. Tracking that by hand certainly is not impossible it just isn"t easy being a sole owner with no employees.

Curtis has checked into a Point Of Sale software system and hopes to invest in one very soon. This system will ring up sales, accept credit cards, manage inventory, and track customers. Intuit has a system that links with Quickbooks.

Most small business owners get into business with the idea of providing the product or service they know most about, but they often have little or no business knowledge and soon become disillusioned with the dream. Curtis is very wise to recognize his weakness and find software that can free him up and enjoy his business.

As for me, after living on a sailboat for 8 years I have become a diesel mechanic, master carpenter, rigging specialist, refrigeration expert…..well let"s just say I now know what I didn"t know.

Steve Freeman, owner of Great Business Content, LLC, has started and run two businesses. Having lived 8 years on a sailboat in the Caribbean has changed Steve"s perspective on how to run a life and a business. Steve believes balance is the key, and using a holistic approach to both is best.


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