Small Business Tips : Small Business Three-Part Bookkeeping

There are three parts to small business bookkeeping, including data entry, filing and analyzing. Keep records in three steps with tips from a business consultant in this free small business video.

Expert: Daniel Diener
Bio: Daniel Diener is a co-owner of the Business Success Center in Central Texas and has been helping businesses for over 25 years.
Filmmaker: Demand Media


  1. stupidflounders

    thank you – I’ve been trying to figure out our bookkeeping, and that phrase
    ‘like learning word and English at the same time’ really helped me to
    understand that I am undertaking a huge task, and I’m not just a bit dim!

  2. BookkeepingCourse

    Thanks for this. You can see how difficult the subject is even with words
    like Chart of Accounts!. To the layperson it is almost meaningless. The
    notebook idea is great. It can be your own personal FAQ.

  3. Suzanne Rhodes

    It’s very true, accounting and bookkeeping is not a very simple business
    task but with proper utilization it can make a business run smooth and well
    maintained. I have been doing my business for a couple of years now and is
    expanding so this tip will be a great help.

  4. alfred sanchez

    can this video help me if i want to run a laundromat business because there
    is no over head cost or innovatory to deal with.

  5. ozzyozzyozzy12

    vist, if you need a bookkeeper.

  6. eHow

    @decision2change We’re glad to help!

  7. thecrasher2012

    Great… nice tips….. thanks for posting this video..

  8. superbelle79

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  9. virtualmissfriday

    I’ve been looking around at YouTube channels and I really like this one.
    Great videos that are well worth watching. Well done!

  10. sirdrako

    This is a great video. very helpful

  11. sirexodia

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  12. 3271267

    Speaking as a bookkeeper, this is routine with any bookkeeper who is
    qualified. Typically the owner is asked these any many more questions at
    the first interview.

  13. TheTradekey

    you can also use b2b sites to jump start and get your initial orders.

  14. Melissa Evans

    Well, there are ways to reduce the cost of bookkeeping for small business
    owners. There are many outsourcing company that accept bookkeeping and only
    pay what have been done.

  15. Attrieve

    Absolutely, book keepers are vital to every business in terms of financial
    foundation and it is up to the business owner to understand the process and
    what the book keeper is categorizing expenditures and receivables as. But,
    this is not something a business owner HAS to do his or herself and quite
    honestly, shouldn’t do. If you want an operation to go smoothly, you take
    individuals with specialties and you turn them into a team that refer to
    each other. Focus on your specialty.

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