Real Talk With Cody Hawk #3, Q&A Business Tips, Amazon FBA Tips And More!

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Get your questions answered by Cody Hawk, Business, Amazon FBA, eCommerce, private label, podcast, wholesale and much more!


  1. Dave Koziel

    Yes I’m pumped! I caught this one!

  2. Dave Koziel

    Pat Flynn had to declare e-mail bankruptcy, now it’s your time brother!
    You’re doing BIG BIG things now!

  3. Dave Koziel

    I agree with you on social security

  4. Kelly Sheridan

    Thanks for letting us old folks that have already paid ss taxes to get our
    ss payments .. LOL .. but you are right – the young and strong better
    hussle ! How much inventory did you start with ? 

  5. Dave Koziel

    Me, you and Gary Vaynerchuck will be running Snapchat in 2020!

  6. Al L

    Just got my EIN#. Sky’s the limit now..haha

  7. Al L

    Cody you going to offer affiliate marketing on your items at Beastmode?

  8. Kelly Sheridan

    Thanks Cody .. I agree with you . I don’t have anything except for a whole
    house of stuff – my start up inventory ! Lol .. I plan on going big too –
    clear up to private labeling . You are an excellent resource … Thanks

  9. Al L

    I agree… I have 4 products and they all make money…

  10. Holland Hobbies

    Wassup peeps!

  11. Yazed Fattah

    Where can we send you the questions?

  12. Louie The Seller

    You better buy your mother a great Mother’s Day gift since you didn’t
    answer her call…lol

  13. Al L

    Andi Slammins on private labeling… Great guest…

  14. Hatpindolly

    I have a few ideas for products, where do I go from there?
    congrats on new baby!

  15. Superior Home Arts

    Thanks, Cody! I feel honored that you answered my questions. And your
    answer was very helpful. Great video!

  16. CommunalSpark8

    How do you go about ‘registering’ a brand? Can you just come up with a
    brand name for a product with a chinese factory and they create a custom
    label and retail package for that said item? Or do you register etc in the
    USA? I’ve never understood private labeling

  17. Justin K (MM)

    Great show Cody! I left a review on Itunes btw.


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