Portrait Photography Business Tips – Where Do I Start In My Photography Business?

http://newportraitbiz.com – In this video I"ll explain what to do and what not do, when starting a portrait photography business. www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJ0L48jWb1U


  1. TheLiamBrewster

    This has been a top tip! im in exactly that position…. been thinking for
    the last 6 months about going serious with photography … so ive sat down
    with a pen and paper and written down what i need before i can go… and
    seeing the list on paper is definatly overwhelming but on the flip side so
    satisfying as you go down ticking things off and seeing that end goals get
    closer and closer Great tips!! thanks

  2. asapsteve

    I think the new camera looks great! Just need more front light, you have
    raccoon eyes from the overhead light. O yea, great direction for getting
    the plan going and started!

  3. newportraitbiz

    @asapsteve Thanks for the feedback. I’ll play with the lighting.

  4. B. Jack

    NSC chinguen a su madre- 😀 j/k

  5. Joshua Lawrence

    Which camera? Lol

  6. John Carol

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  7. david paty

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  8. Stine Jensen

    So helpful! just starting out so needed to hear this!

  9. Mega caffeineman

    Where would i go for Architecture photography?

  10. Leslie Todd

    I love this video it helped me out on how to really get stared. I am just
    now getting started on my own. I have been putting a photo portfiolio
    together that i made up on my own too. But I just want to get out there to
    get the feel of it and I have a few clients set up to do so but I want to
    know if on how to price on at a beginners photographer as a ambersure
    anyone want to let me know?

  11. EVUNAVideoNetwork

    Great advice and life lesson, not only for photography but for business in

  12. tom sellen

    Thanks for the tips, man.


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