Photography Business Tips: How to Start a Business As a Creative. 1 Hour Special!

Photographers, designers, writers, filmmakers and other creatives who want to turn their passion into their full time job often struggle with how to make that transition. How to market a creative business? when should I go full time as a creative? what social media is best for photography or designers?

In this episode I talk to Katy Figg a designer and photographer from Cambridge in the UK who is currently looking to take that step and make her passion her full time job. She got in touch with me to ask some questions and kindly agreed to present her questions in this video along with others that you have provided via LinkedIn and Facebook so others can learn from our discussion too.


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  1. Matt Widgery Photography
  2. Stephen Wratten

    Couldn’t agree more with your comments Matt, especially about pricing and
    also market saturation on social media! Great interview, nice relaxed
    presentation from both of you and Katy asked really well thought out
    questions. Liked the balance given having conversation with another
    creative from a different field.


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