Personal Trainer Business Tips: List Revival and easy SEO Did you know that an email list of just 500 is enough usually to generate more than 6 figures of annual income?

In this personal trainer business tip I share with you my “mechanic" breakdown of how to revitalize your list, provide tonnes of value to enhance your local image, improve your website SEO, and ensure your email marketing campaigns generate a bigger response.

Time is precious, you can do all this in no more than an hour a week, it"s proven, strategic, and time effective. Give it a watch and a “thumbs up" if you found value or I"d love to hear your comments.

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  1. Cabel McElderry
  2. Brandon Dey

    Really liked this one Cabel, great info!

  3. Scott Bryant

    cool video man i hope lots of trainer look at it 


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