Part 1: 5 Efficiency Photography Business Tips

Check out five things you can do to make your business more efficient! Efficient = more money!

Modern Tog Email Templates:
Joy Vertz Pricing Class & Free Videos:


  1. Rachel Brenke
  2. Josh Schmidt

    You’re a rock star thanks for the tips!

  3. Kim Bajorek

    Thanks, Rachel! If the client guide is not on a PDF, is it always just
    embedded in the website? Not even sure how to do that.

  4. Joy Vertz

    love the tip about using forms and digital signatures. SO fast!

  5. Judith Chauvette

    I love these ideas, especially the client guide! Just to clarify, you said
    this is something that you recommend putting on your website or emailing to
    the client directly?
    Also, one of my efficiency tips is having bridal welcome packets already
    put together so that when I book a new wedding, I can go home, address the
    envelope, and mail it out because everything is already all set to go! 

  6. Ashley Winning

    This was so helpful! thank you =)


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