Odor Removal Business: Tips and Tricks from a Pro: NOAI Hype Exposed!

Welcome to the Home of the BiO3Blaster! We offer the highest output most rugged durable and practical ozone generators available. Our ozone machine designs are both practical and innovative. We design our machines for both contractors and homeowners to be rugged and reliable and moreover to do real world work, killing viruses, bacteria, bedbugs, colembola bird mites and destroying odors, as well as treating water olive oil and a variety of other applications. Our sister company TrioxLogic specializes in the use of ozone in agriculture and water treatment.
Bragging rights
We Developed Many Firsts, Including the Ozone Tunnel, Ozone Carpet Machine, Ozone Pressurizing Machine, Ozone CPAP Sanitizer, OxygreenBlaster and Bedbug Destruct System, Ozone Carpet Drying Machine, Vertical Ozone Blower, Ozone Toy Box, and Many More!

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