My Business, and my Life Tips: CAR VLOG!

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  1. MarzBarGaming

    So, I really want to tell you guys what’s happening to me at the moment..
    in the form of a car vlog!

  2. Brutal Gamer

    1st comment

  3. Dark Light

    3th comment 😀 i’m not a kikoo

  4. PMDartry

    Another great video Alex! Keep it up! :D

  5. Eviie

    LOVED IT BAE <333

  6. MarzBarGaming

    I’ve been doing YouTube 3 years today, if that does’t deserve a like then
    well… i like pie.

  7. TheStrynch

    Great videos Alex :)

  8. T5Gamez

    I agree with you Alex, my life is going really fast too, its quite scary
    once you put it in to perspective! :O 

  9. SwiiFT Gaming
  10. ItsJonesyy

    Memory Lane by netsky lel

  11. DMX820

    Life is going way too fast for me. Especially this school year.

  12. Adnan Jakupovic

    Whats the name of song you heard, if you remember please reply. And you
    definetly deserve a like. ;)

  13. Vaugax Comp

    It seems like the only time you upload is when you want to show off I know
    I’m going to get a lot of “Jealous” comments but if you actually look back
    at his videos they’re all just showing off please don’t think I’m a jealous
    hater because I’m not at all I’m actually very happy with life at the
    moment and if you disagree feel free to tell me but my opinion is that he
    only uploads to show off 

  14. ShakzGaming

    Great vid

  15. Adam Salevid

    Can’t you start a daily vlog channel?

  16. ConstantGaming

    Great video Idea Marz i really liked it, and i got to learn more about you

  17. Smithers Boss

    Ed Sheeran – thinking out loud :)

  18. xRGamer1

    Alex, I know you’re very busy with your business (good luck with that btw)
    but you should try to upload videos consistently and regularly. That’s the
    only way your channel will grow bigger. Don’t take that the wrong way and
    keep up the good work!

  19. Im Kyle

    Hey alex you should lidten to the song if I die young dubstep remix , it
    really makes me just sit and think about life fof a second

  20. Vexoi

    I know you’re feeling bro … I feel like that when ever that song comes on
    makes me worry about the future.

  21. EpicGamerGurl

    Awesome video Alex! Congrats on 3 years!! 😀 I do have one of those ‘memory
    lane’ songs, which is Yellow Taxi by counting crows xD And many more tbh! I
    would love to see more car vlogs! :D

  22. KingReckz

    Alex go look up “Tom McCoy” on Youtube. He’s really good at what you
    want/looking forward to do when your older.

  23. PuddanatorMC

    The song Nights by Avicii really gets me motivated. It says “go live a life
    you will remember” and that is important. Go search it up if you want to
    listen to it yourself.

  24. AdsLad24

    +MarzBarGaming Would you say learning to drive was hard? As I’ll be having
    my test soon :)

  25. MonsterCat Gaming HD

    My song: Midnight By coldplay


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