Lawn Care Business Tips – Geek to Freak Fitness & Lawn Care Interview

Lawn Care Business Tips – Geek to Freak Fitness & Lawn Care Interview. Another great interview guys. A special thanks to Geek to Freak for allowing me to interview him. He has been a big part of us here on youtube. He has touched so many lives with his stories and perseverance. Thanks again Greg, your an inspiration.

Geek to Freak Fitness & Lawn Care

Day at Work With Geek to Freak Lawn Care

My Open Heart Surgery and Staph Infection Of the Heart

Top 10 must haves for lawn care

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  1. TopNotchLawns

    Thank you Geek to Freak!! You are one of a kind. 

  2. Chriis Cisneros

    The moment we’ve all been waiting for! ^·^

  3. MightyLawns T.V.


  4. The Landscaping Employee Trap


    Your reaction when your dog barked was A1.

    I fell out of my chair.


  5. MightyLawns T.V.

    GR8T WORK on this interview, awesome job Brian & G Freezy, this interview
    for sure has shut down the internet……#beastmodeactivated

  6. Classy Lawn Care

    lol not even half way through and he’s got me laughing about the island he
    wants to live on :D

  7. Geek To Freak Fitness & Lawn Care

    Brian you made me look good, despite the fact that I talked about half
    naked chicks and craigslist casual

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  8. MightyLawns T.V.
  9. Teenage LawnCare

    If Geek to Freak didn’t make lawn care videos I would have never started my
    lawn care business. Thanks Geek to Freak for making youtube videos.

  10. 405TunerZ

    I remember the first video I saw was the one where you talk about your
    service agreement. What all was in it and how you gave them to your
    customers. I was like hmmm this freak has a lawn service let me check it
    out lol. The rest is history. Yep I do watch alot of bodybuilding and power
    lifting videos lol. Rip #GregPlitt

  11. Classy Lawn Care

    I think you just interviewed the Jesus of Lawn care great video buddy most
    entertaining :D

  12. Wombat Gardens

    Best interview ever, the legendary freak and pooper dog

  13. Erik Del Real

    Great interview thanks Brian & freak! Whose next?


  14. Small Business & Fitness

    “Did you get one? yea I got one, whats wrong with that?!” lmao!

  15. Mark H

    That was freaky! Greg is awesome, so funny as I was watching this I was
    thinking the reason I like him is because he seems so happy. Then he
    mentions that is one of his goals, be happy. Love it. 

  16. Dwayne Mills

    The first lawn care video I ever watched was the was the video that geek to
    freak done to show his lawn care flyer. That’s the only way I get lawn care
    customers. I watched ever video he ever made trying to get every scrap of
    information I get.

  17. Lawn Care Rookie

    The Godfather of lawn care videos, just chillin on the couch, with his
    trusty sidekick!

  18. Steve Norris

    Greg is a internet legend. He inspired me to start my company as well.
    Thank you Greg and all of the YouTube lawn care community.

  19. TopNotchLawns

    Eric Wade, it won’t let me reply to your comment. A lot of guys that have
    commented on this video have some good videos about picking up clients. I
    haven’t done a lot of advertising but you could start with door to door
    flyers and craigslist. I know Geek to Freak has a video on making flyers.

  20. RadyoMusic

    Yup, I`m thankful for all of these videos. 

  21. Scag Man

    The God Father of You Tube Lawn Care! Great interview!

  22. B&M Lawn Care

    Great video, I seen his videos and joined up as well even though we have
    had a disagreement on one thing it’s in the past to me GTF is a great guy,
    awesome interviews TNL same to you man

  23. TopNotchLawns

    Just confirmed, up next will be B&B Lawn Care and Property Services LLC.
    I’m excited, some of the best stripes on youtube. 

  24. Lincoln Landscaping Ltd.

    What a great interview! Hockey talk, lawn care talk, and some great views
    on life! It doesn’t get much better than that! 

  25. Saul Pineda

    greg is the man


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