Lawn Care Business Tips – Bidding Jobs, Uniforms, Discounts

Lawn Care Business Tips – Bidding Jobs, Uniforms, Discounts. TopNotchLawns, Mighty Lawns, CBreezy, and Small Lawnz got together to discuss a few different topics. We talked about whether its better to charge by the hour or by the job. We also talked about the importance of uniforms and how being professional will help your lawn care business. Another topic was the importance of dealership support and whether or not to give discounts. This is a format we would like to do at least once a month. I feel that this gives a more one on one feel and is a good way to have a discussion among lawn care business owners.

I apologize for some of the background noise and the video/audio. I am currently looking into a more clear way for the viewers to enjoy.

You can check out the other channels here

Mighty Lawns T.V.

C Breezy

Small Lawnz

Join me on my channel so we can share ideas and learn from each other and build our business together, one stripe at a time!!

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  1. TopNotchLawns

    Lawn Care Nation is a way for different lawn care owners to have a
    discussion on topics in the industry. 

  2. MightyLawns T.V.


  3. MightyLawns T.V.

    Lawn Care Nation…it’s the L.W.O !!! #beastmode

  4. Randy Mikhaiel

    I think what you guys are doing is really cool! Can you do me a favor and
    touch on this topic please. I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade or
    anything, but last season almost every channel, lawn care based the
    narrative was just do it and start your business and make your dreams come
    true anyone can do it you just need the will to win, now the narrative is
    don’t quit your day job it’s not fun and games and it’s hard work. Can
    someone please name one business that is fun and games and not hard work.
    So witch one is it I understand the point but please stick to your
    convictions in other words be a leader not a follower please, again I’m not
    trying to piss anyone off. If you want to run your own business get your
    finances in order and just do it that’s the only way otherwise your just
    procrastinating. I’ve been on my own for fourteen years and own my own
    since 04. If I didn’t just do it I’d probably still be working for someone
    else because ultimately that is the easier option. I don’t make a ton of $$
    but I make a comfortable living not having to answer to someone because
    they woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
    Btw sherry, 18 years in the business that’s awesome, considering most of
    these channels are new to the game generally speaking but won’t give you
    the time of day. Smh. I would just start writing people off. Jmo.
    Good job to all four of you! 

  5. Basicscapes123

    I do my shrubs by the bush a small one is normally $10 medium is $13 and
    large is $15 and i will do discounts for my weekly clients and my uniform
    is just cargo pants and a orange t-shirt or a long sleeve and a grey and
    orange hoodie and a pair of old shoes 

  6. Teenage LawnCare

    I really like this video idea. It was interesting especially with DK. If
    you ever want Teenage LawnCare in a video I would be happy to do one :)

  7. donamowlawncare

    I got a 150 a week commercial account by wearing my uniform at McDonalds
    one morning.

  8. MightyLawns T.V.

    Shout Out to Brian, C Breezy and Sheri, you guys were amazing, and i’m
    hopeful that others will find this new show entertaining, as well as
    informative ! Lawn Care Nation a.k.a. Lawn Nation a lawn care forum that
    goes where no other lawn care forum has gone before #beastmode

  9. GoPro Lawn Care

    Cool video bro!

  10. C Breezy

    Thanks again for letting me be a part of this with you guys and gal :)

  11. Moe's Lawn. Care. LLC

    Two thumbs up great job 

  12. CountrysideLawnNY

    good job, this could be a great little series. There’s so much to talk
    about with our community and the different companies from different
    regions- so much to learn from each other.

  13. Scag Man

    I really like the concept of this show allot, and getting a multiple point
    perspective on different topics. There are allot of different was to do
    things and to look at things in the industry, my view may not be someone’s,
    and the way I charge may not work for everyone. It is great being able to
    see the different sides all at the same time. Keep it up and look forward
    to many more!

  14. B&M Lawn Care

    I downloaded skype to add 1 of Military friends the other day something in
    those files was bad messed my OS up had to reformat yesterday either that
    or another damn Hard drive going out (main OS drive). Going to reinstall
    today hit you up on FB. TNL.

  15. Seneca Lawns

    Brian banging out the good videos!! I really like what this series has to
    offer, and the potential it has. 


    great movement you got going on top notch one day i would like to talk to
    you personally about this industry keep up the vids man good job guys.

  17. Classy Lawn Care

    What a great idea man :D

  18. Small Lawnz

    Thanks guys for the chat. I continue to learn day to day. Seeing all the
    other guys out there that are doing the same thing I do day in and day out
    , has been inspiring. I’m having fun making videos and growing my business
    into something more profitable. I hope that all of our videos can make
    getting into this industry an easier transition and give other lawn care
    businesses a hand up.

  19. Dark Wolf

    That was great! Hope you do more, maybe get Geek to Freak guy on the next
    one :D

  20. ZG

    How can people turn a good net profit % if they constantly discount

  21. EuroYard

    Very cool format. Loved every second of it. “dK aka discount king” lol 

  22. Irrigation Incorporated

    You guys have a great thing going here. looking forward to more in the


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