Just The Business Tips 2 | Differentiating With Price and Deals


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  1. Himanshu Batra

    First ..

  2. Melissa Tugbang

    Awesome video Marc! It’s unfortunate I know some of our top selling
    retailers sell based on margins i.e. American vs Canadian. Where great
    customer service should be based on the customers needs, in addition to
    quality of the product. MAP pricing has been something we’ve been trying to
    push since last year and are now enforcing it within the next month. 

  3. Michael Nocella

    Love these tips!

  4. BigBanginRed

    Keep them coming Marc!

  5. Thomas Bialek

    Really valuable to get business tips from your own longtherm industry
    experience Marc! Fitness stuff gets boring quickly after time so I really
    appreciate this nee format!:)

  6. Pierre Groulx

    “What my recommendation is to have a fair price that’s fair.” Marc
    Lobliner, 2015

    A fair fare affair is only fair; and that’s not a game! #Boom

  7. Ash MakesGains

    Marc get shipping sorted to the UK man. Like orders over £’x’ amount
    receive free shipping. I want to use tiger fitness and Machine products

  8. drivers outdoor power

    i agree 100% .. i use this philosophy in my business… 75 % of my business
    is customer relations and service…. i sell great products at a fair
    price… the way i see it, if i don’t make and maintain a fair profit
    margin, i don’t eat and i can’t pay the bills… its as simple as that…
    90 % of my returning customers agree with me and they love my service…
    that’s why they come back… 

  9. blake thomas

    +TheTigerFitness You should be ashamed. You have not given a single reason
    as to why we should Bash Islam?

  10. imherelul

    prices looks black and blue to me

  11. chris o

    Marc, it seems like you have opened Pandora’s box with that Muslim video
    and people are hating. How long do you anticipate it to last? Hmmmmm.
    Btw good point about not having sales. I find that the only time I buy
    supplements now is when they o on sale

  12. Silverback Fitness TV

    Loled at you non CEO 10K/day mindset betas who disliked this

  13. Carey Brooks

    Good stuff, here.

  14. GoddardsFitness

    Price wars are the worst. Gotta stand out and not attract people in with
    low prices…cos as soon as you boost them up with a similar product you
    are fuarrrrked

  15. Angie C

    You always have great energy in your videos. If I watch your vids in the
    morning before school/work it literally wakes me the eff up!

  16. Papa91echo

    I like the business tips.

  17. weave4181

    Nice video Marc, interesting series. On the other hand we could say the
    same with companies who puts products overpriced to make you think its the
    new HolyGrail, sells you taurine and creatine 30 servings for 65$ thats
    just as bad. The consumer needs to educate himself in this industry
    because of all the misleading informations, worthless products and shady
    retailers. Regardless i always continue to buy only when its on sale.

  18. Brett Max Music

    My favorite series on youtube right now. Keep em coming!

  19. 5pecialist

    Target, Old Navy and Dollar Stores, etc! Many others.

  20. Brook Lifts

    Great video and FACTS!

  21. Josh Hennig

    I am really glad you made this video Marc, I used to work in sales in the
    radio industry for years and so many people will misinterpret the
    correlation between the “price tag” in comparison to “cost value”. Some
    people are so obsessed over getting a sale that they neglect the value of
    the product they are buying. Is it a balancing act? Yes, but when people
    do not understand the difference between inexpensive versus cheap then
    everyone losses. 

  22. David Oh

    You say you don’t want to name names, that’s fair. But could you share
    companies that are straight up screwing us as consumers?

  23. Colin DeWaay

    Solid tip. Marc. Real solid.

  24. Cindy Russi

    Great to know the other side of the industry! great video as always. This
    makes me think of Zappos. They never have sale just regular price but they
    have best selection and best customer service. I buy all my shoes from them
    for this reason :)


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