Just The Business Tips 1 | Be a Leader Not a Follower


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  1. James Gillespie

    Yo marc, are your mts shirts the athlete fir type or just regular tee’s? 

  2. salim shaikh

    Marc make more videos like this. It motivates us to do something good in

  3. Lalitha Kasal

    I may only be a senior in college, but this so applies to everything in
    life. Thanks, Marc! (Lalitha/@livingtherightwhey)

  4. Mike Diamonds

    Speaking off, Marc, there are post and pre workout supplements. The
    intra-supplement movement is on a rise. Be Ther first to make something
    like that. “MTS ELECTRO”. Some candy high in electrolytes and with some
    other good shot in it. #money #fitnessillumanti 

  5. HadyThund3r

    I have been watching Marc’s videos for over 2 years now and it’s videos
    like this and other videos that are similar that I keep coming back for,
    keep it up Marc, you inspire me man. 

  6. toffield27

    Marc you’re the man. Another great, informative, entertaining video. Have
    you ever considered trying stand up comedy? Your sense of humor never fails
    to impress me. 

  7. CleanGoals

    Marc You really inspire me, When im older i want to be just like you 🙂 SRS

  8. Khalid Emadi

    Marc you should have “followed” that guy who gave you the hotel card and
    offered you $20g’s for gay sex! but you chose to be a leader and now you
    sleep every night knowing you could have been $20g’s richer!! 

  9. Kower F

    Marc, these vids are good quality man. Keep em coming 

  10. MPolo 95

    Marc can you just give me a high five ✋please 

  11. ExtremeLiving

    Ant chance you will add some of these higher quality shirts and hats you
    wear to the site for purchase? I know some are prob 1 offs and would cost
    40 or more per shirt but some of us have nothing better to do with their
    money. A black and yellow M shirt would be BADASS just sayin.

  12. Keyonta Smith

    You got that Pre Gains?

  13. Manpreet Lidder

    Naked hot chicks 😀 #fitnessillumanti

  14. Brett Max Music

    Marc, I’m so glad you started doing these. A lot of us already have our
    training/nutrition/supplementation in check and are tired of hearing our
    favorite youtubers beat a dead horse. However, there is still much we can
    learn from you. I’m a musician and my business/product is myself, but I
    feel like I can apply your knowledge to this as well. Please, please
    continue in this direction.

  15. Colin DeWaay

    Finally I get to use your tip.

  16. Shane Stewart

    Digging these business posts.. Off topic but will the new MAN Iso-Amino
    flavors be available on TF anytime soon +TheTigerFitness? Thanks!

  17. St Matt Law

    I am inspired by your words.
    Just want to say thankyou and keep up with videos like this Marc!

  18. Josh Hennig

    Great point Marc, so many people do not blaze their own path, they run
    around in business saying “what are they doing? How can we make money like
    that?” instead of being original and living outside the box. Good stuff

  19. EatTrainEvolve

    As I said on Jason vid, Marc is the Xerxes of fitness, he’s taking over the
    youtube fitness community one channel at a time. If he starts rubbing your
    traps its all over. You’re going to wake up with a 5% link in the
    description box on everyone of your videos with a bro crush on him.

  20. chris o

    Just the tip. Ooooooh

  21. AbsoluteZ3R0

    Here’s what I’ve never understood about the phrase “Be a leader, not a

    If everyone in the world decided to be a leader, then NO ONE would be a
    leader, because in order to be a leader, you must have followers.
    Otherwise, you’re just a lone wolf. 

  22. Nathan Aussie

    +Tiger Fitness Hey Marc, how come you wouldnt make the powdered DropFacter
    in the USA, the raspberry lemonade tastes SO GOOD! 

  23. Jordy R

    Wow this video made me go and start my company… can’t believe in hours
    I’m a rich and all I needed to do was be a leader… dam would have never
    thought of that

  24. Kimmy Jong un

    please continue with the business tips! been listening to you, barbell
    shrugged, mike rashid… this has been the hot topic on da fitness youtubez
    that i know barely about and i gotta break off from this corporate-working

  25. Weiderfan

    Loving this! Great video! Cant wait for more.. Many people with the amount
    of experience you do don’t care enough to spread wisdom and information.
    Thank you.


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