Independent Artist Secrets – MUSIC BUSINESS TIPS – Don Grierson – Music Artist Consultant

In this Independent Artist Secrets video we have the fortune of bringing you the expertise of legendary A&R executive, turned artist development consultant, Don Grierson. Don has worked with many big acts over the years, including Heart, Duran Duran, Joe Cocker, Tina Turner, Celine Dion, and Bob Seger (just to name a few). In this video, Don shares some of his experience and expertise, as it relates to the music business.


  1. Independent Artist Secrets
  2. Judy Gale

    Don is a GREAT music consultant.I know from my personal experience.He gives
    great guidance and I highly recommend him !! Judy Gale

  3. Davida Levine

    hey don what should i look out for with a distribution deal & whats an
    exceptional percentage on someone that assist in produce the beats..


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