How To Start A Window Cleaning Business? With NO Money! ‘Tutorial, Tools & Tips"


  1. Bruno Marcus Widmer

    Hy this is MY CALL FROM (f….) Europe; I m in that business for over 20yrs
    .– you gave me another kick TO DEFINITELY LEAVE HERE (switzerland…. so
    boring and dead-locked) LET ME HERE FROM YOU GUYS with your great
    commerce – send me if you [email protected], to; [email protected]

  2. Wash Rite Limited

    Great video, Do you know the fiverr person who done your video??

  3. john stone

    Keith is a liar he’s doing alot more than washing windows no man can breath
    that much dirt and carry out a full week work his arms not built for that
    type work.

  4. Steve Johnson

    Awesome story! I totally respect a guy that has the guts to jump in to a
    small business. It takes guts to put yourself out there like that. Nice

  5. Juan Garcia

    Hello my friend, where can I buy the exact water fed pole you use?

  6. Keith Bohlen

    Do you feel like it’s a must have in this business to own a truck? Or Can I
    start out by using my car and putting the ladder in the trunk and putting
    down the seats? Also is it necessary to buy the 1200 $ water
    feeding/cleaning system you mentioned in your video?

  7. OhHhugo7

    I have a window cleaning business thanks to you and I’m grateful. Not sure
    the book will be relevant now but I’ll get it anyway to thank you.

  8. The Landscaping Employee Trap + Window Cleaning
  9. Frank Sierra

    your an inspiration to alot of people! keep on keeping on!
    Im going to do it. this is my year!

  10. cwrowe

    That’s what’s up

  11. John Klein

    Bro your videos are awesome. I had my back up against the wall too. I was a
    Personal Trainer for 22 years and had back surgery few years back. I didn’t
    have clients and I started window cleaning and Auto Detail and dam I blew
    up over a few days. Thanks you so much bro.

  12. luckyflames1897

    What a total arsehole Under cutting Unwritten law…you dozey twat

  13. Greggory Murphy

    Cool and it open my eyes up. I own and run a landscape company

  14. Terrance White

    Hey I live in Michigan and I would love to meet you to get some business
    advice. I have just started a landscaping and window cleaning company.

  15. Sailing Crazy

    What appointment system do you have I am so bad at keeping appointments pa
    hi from the uk

  16. Paige Greenwood

    Thank you so much

  17. Jeremy Vanbrunt

    I have a question for mr. kalfas…Don’t most janitorial services also
    clean windows? I mean lets say a business hires a cleaning crew which most
    do, don’t they take care of the windows as well? It seems like it would be
    difficult to drub up any business from stores. Maybe Im wrong.

  18. TheTacoSupreme

    I wonder what your friends do

  19. Owen Gollaba

    just bought most of my supplies keith! stoked and can’t wait to start. you
    have no idea how inspired I am. keep you updated!

  20. Houston Entrepreneur

    Hey I love what you represent. I come from a similar background myself. I
    have been in telemarketing cold calling, magazine crews, to door-2-door
    sales for the Prime Meat Co. I just got out of prison and I am trying to
    figure out what to do. I have the skills and the hunger to make this
    happen. Problem is I dont have a vehicle at the moment so Im wondering how
    I am going to pull this off. Any advice? I figured I would just hide the
    bucket out of plain sight when hooking the deal. That way I didnt look
    stupid walking up with a bucket. But I also figured if I just walk up with
    a bucket and ready to work I might look kind of like a kid trying to hustle
    work but it might work. I am clean cut and no tattoo’s. I don’t know.. Let
    me know what you think I should do. I look forward to hearing what you have
    to say. I also have an opportunity going door-2-door selling masonry jobs
    for a 10% commission which is for mainly selling chimneys. I dont want to
    work for someone else but make my own thing happen. I feel too skilled and
    been through the struggle and the bootcamp of sales. I want what you have.
    I am currently out in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Just moved from Texas.


    seriously man I love you you’re awesome thank you for the priceless advice

  22. Gianni Cremasco

    how many houses / business a day did you knock on when you started to get
    42 accounts in 2 days? would you approach residential properties or

  23. Crown Jewel

    Took Keiths Advice today, printed off some business cards at the local
    office depot, and bought the exact tools he told me to. I was only able to
    canvas 6 stores today but got 2 out of the 6 stores to book a window
    cleaning with me!! Never despise small beginnings! I appreciate you Keith
    You’re out here saving lives!!

  24. wrigglybean

    Thanks man this video is inspiring. I’m starting my own business actually
    near you! I’m in new Baltimore. this vid helped answer a lot of questions I

  25. Tarnia Lake

    I just want to tell you that you have Inspired me to pursue my window
    cleaning business here in Hammond Indiana. Thank you so much.

  26. Galaxxy Remix

    It’s 5:25 am and I’ve Been watching your vids 4 the past 3 hours even tho
    I’m 13 and haven’t a clue about landscaping stuff

  27. Ray Rayy

    Man thank you

  28. Connor Patton

    I love Sorbo products. Keep up the good work.

  29. lawrenceshdow

    five dollars for inside and out? Or just the outside? Do you charge extra
    for the tracks? Screens?

  30. The Landscaping Employee Trap + Window Cleaning

    How to make $500 a day Cleaning Windows

  31. Kylee Lee

    You give me so much hope and it’s promising I’m not into landscaping but
    cleaning I feel like I can master this I’m a woman and feel a little

  32. Luke Parsons

    legendary man…

  33. Wilson Bobcat service

    how is their no overhead? u have truck, insurance, $1,200 pole for
    cleaning, computer, phone, cleaner material.

  34. Jamal Christian

    How can I get the information on getting a website and tools

  35. Jamal Christian

    How can I the information on getting a website and tools

  36. JR. Boss

    hey man..what time of the year is window cleaning?

  37. jason sanchez

    U charge 5$ each window in and out???

  38. nizam jawhari

    how long before you got licensed and insured when first started


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