How to Start a Wedding Video Business


  1. CrippleBoyProduction

    I was considering a wedding business just a few days ago lol Very helpful

  2. UnstableSparkey

    Couldn’t have made this video 3 years ago, huh? Haha, yeah, good tips
    though. Thanks :].

  3. Tom Botchii

    nice tips Thanks Videomaker!

  4. MortallicA91

    it must be very hard job… you have to deal with a group of amatuers…
    most of them will by shy, or warring about their outside bueaty hat it can
    ruin the image of the project…

  5. Jofe Amoraw

    lol why..did u have to learn through trial and error?

  6. Jofe Amoraw

    Wonderful video man. This is the most informative so far.

  7. apodo360

    great thanks!

  8. migsmichael

    Thanks, very helpful!

  9. TheFionnuala11

    I gave your video 5 stars xx Fin

  10. lozanochris

    been doing filming for a while, and I already do everything he has
    mentioned….. but it would have been very helpful if i would have seen
    this years ago.. =)

  11. Victor Ingles

    great job!

  12. Gary Sewell

    this is the way to capture those unique momentst!!!

  13. Jomarie Sabalza

    whats price lapel

  14. jordankade1

    this is a great video, thanks!!!

  15. Rosa Roncesvalles

    A wedding won’t be complete without photos and videos, of course. I would
    always tell my friends that these things help you when you want to remember
    the special event that happened even a long time ago. One thing I want to
    share is that when starting a videography business, one of the things you
    must do is to know your priorities. If you prefer weddings, then put this
    on top of your prioritized events. Try to learn more about how to cover
    this kind of event.

  16. AJC0288

    talking about hd is a must yet this video is in 240p, yeah good one haha

  17. Simon Reed Productions

    Hi, I’m on a limited budget and seen the sony hd1000 shoulder mount camera
    which is HD but not 3 chip, would you say this is suitable for documentary
    projects and wedding videos? Many thanks Simon

  18. TheMerryPranksta

    I captured some great shots at my sisters wedding last fall with my DSLR
    attached to my Cam CAddie SCorpion, all the shots were smooth and memorable.

  19. Videomaker

    @TheMerryPranksta Glad to hear it! Cheers, The Videomaker Team

  20. Videomaker

    @avonsworld Good tip! Cheers, The Videomaker Team

  21. rlchocolate1

    GREAT video. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  22. Videomaker

    @rlchocolate1 Glad you liked it! cheers, The Videomaker Team

  23. Pr0pagandaFilms

    This video is actualy very useful

  24. Videomaker

    @Pr0pagandaFilms Glad to hear it! Cheers, The Videomaker Team

  25. michael nehmad

    is it a bad thing to use a camcorder on a wedding?

  26. Jasmin Causor

    i want to start a videography business but for newborns… at the
    hospital the day the baby is born . not the entire labor but just the first
    day of a baby.

  27. CelebrationsTampaBay

    great info.

  28. Zulqar Cheema

    Nothing about actually being able to use the equipment or to get some
    training, there’s more then filming then buying equipment, there’s the
    audio to worry about (more important sometimes then the visuals),
    Insurance, backup, plan of attack for the day

  29. WhatTechShow

    I’m 15, and I want to start wedding filmmaking, (and I understand someone’s
    wedding doesn’t happen everyday, and it’s a special day) so I don’t ever
    want to mess up! I’m trying to learn cinematic different techniques!

  30. Lee Morgan

    I’m looking to set up a wedding videography business. I’m a
    cameraman/editor and have all the kit and tools of the trade. But where’s
    good to advertise to get work coming in?

  31. PizzaDude62

    you gotta start doing work for free to get your name out there

  32. InventiveFilms

    I love this video! It is a video that inspired me to do wedding work. I can
    now say that I have successfully started a Wedding Video Business! Don’t
    loose faith and keep working hard 🙂 

  33. michael nehmad

    nice I use 3 chip camera and HDV
    its hard to advertise 

  34. Photographer Overnight

    There will always be people in your life who think your photography is
    worthless and your ambitions are a joke. People will tell you you’re not
    good enough, you’re using the wrong equipment, your photoshop is all wrong.
    Just be ready to step right past those people and go after your dreams. The
    only people you need to impress are your clients, so go the extra mile to
    do just that. We’ve based our youtube channel around helping aspiring
    photographers succeed, so check us out too :)

  35. Geoffrey Goodman

    Interesting video

  36. Dan Oshier Productions

    Very cool. I enjoyed this. Sub’d & Thumb’d!!!! You do some amazing stuff!!

  37. Jeremy Foster


    I’d like to offer to make a free wedding to get experience/clips but I
    don’t know how to go about this? Are there any websites I can reach out to

  38. Euryale Music

    I´d like to start this business because you get free food

  39. bestamerica

    i have one very best videocamera and not work running…
    canon A-1 digital Hi8mm videotape is the best…
    no no more fix / repair and very old electronic system

  40. Dragonfish 37

    Why was this recommended to me? I was watching videos on sea monkeys.


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