How To Stand Out From The Crowd – Small Business Marketing Tips


  1. Julie B

    Are there companies out there that can give you direction or advice on how
    to incorporate your interests into an original idea? I like so many
    things… and have had quite a bit of experience in them that I am having
    difficulty knowing which ones to put together…. advice wpould be greatly
    appreciated! Thanks again and love your channel

  2. Priya Florence Shah

    Love your videos. You rock, Marie!! :)

  3. Bexdastar

    I just want to say your fantastic! glad I found you today xoxo

  4. Tara Lea

    Absolute GOLD!!!!!

  5. C James

    Everything you create RADIATES with creativity and authenticity. You are my

  6. Dr Colette Summerland

    I really love this idea. You know Marie, your method may also draw more
    music industry people to you.

  7. Dave Jones

    Absolutely brilliant video guys, I am loving the info that you are giving
    there! It is extremely related to my situation atm. Keep up the solid
    effort, we’re all in the independent business fight together!

  8. Nik J

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  9. Jesse Leon

    Hay Marie, I like all your video’s they all have useful information and
    your funny…very cool, thanks. 

  10. Daniell Rasan

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  11. Bjamin1107


  12. Bukka Levy

    Marie! Music is also MY inspiration, however, music is ALSO my business.
    Not sure how to apply your advice in a sitch like mine. 

  13. Spook SEO

    Until now, this video still has useful points for small businesses. It is
    indeed true that methods with high value will go for a long time. Great

  14. To Love And Inspire

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  15. Art Haze

    Really like your video 

  16. Dana Che

    I love this video Marie! “This is why I’m hot, this is why I’m hot!” “-)
    Great advice on how to stand apart from the pack!

  17. The Local Film Network

    I enjoyed the rawness of this video as oppose to some of your other ones
    good job. Keep it up Marie, you have helped me a lot.

  18. Dennis Rodriguez

    Nice, raw and yet, subtle. Helpful as always, thx for inspiring these

  19. Mark Charlton

    Great advice. I think being yourself is definitely the best way to feel
    true while appealing to new markets. It takes courage!

  20. Nerissa Dowling

    Is this before you had your studio? I like how you use inverted commas for
    “writer” a bit like Joey did in Friends that one time… ;)

  21. Lina Strindlund

    oh I liiiiked this! 🙂 I think like that, how do I make my business
    original, how do I make the business I´m in better, how do I show my
    filosophy and humour… yep, this was nice to watch. 😉 

  22. Theresa Glenn


  23. James Akerman

    i agree with you. Additionally i would like to mention that I am a
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  24. DJ Franchella

    This was so good! I find myself wanting to see what the competition is
    doing as well but this just confirmed the importance of why I’m starting my
    business anyway and it’s to bring something different to the industry.

  25. Lalo Arias

    Muy buen pregunta la de este video: ¿cómo lograr destacarte de entre toda
    la multitud de gente que está haciendo lo mismo que tú? Si te estás
    haciendo esta pregunta es porque estás pensando que lo más importante en la
    construcción de tu red son los contenidos que estás creando, cuando en
    realidad esa percepción no es del todo correcta.

    Es cierto que es muy probable que ya haya mucha gente compartiendo algo
    similar a lo que tú quieres compartir, o el día de mañana los habrá; pero
    es aquí donde entra tu toque personal, pues sólo tú puedes hacerlo como tú.
    Es decir, sólo existe un Lalo Arias y nadie puede hacer los contenidos como
    yo los hago, pues sólo yo cuento con mi personalidad particular de mi ser,
    me esencia como ser humano. La clave está en que logres plasmar tu esencia
    en tus contenidos, de esa forma siempre te destacarás por encima de los

  26. Gaurava Mishra

    the word is – Differentiation!

  27. Slaughter House Entertainment Company

    great job lady!!


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