39 thoughts on “How To Price Window Cleaning Jobs For NEW GUYS – Strip Malls

  1. Chris Deulen

    Man, those prices are still not that cheap. When I started my business in
    Kansas City, (and still to this day) there are places that demand 50
    cents/window, or 75 cents in/out!

  2. Aallard

    hey man i love your videos, question though, is that just exterior or do
    you do exterior for the same price? how do you quote interior to exterior!

  3. Aallard

    Hey Man,

    What I found today was that some places have guys who charge 5 bucks for
    the entire subway! I can’t beat that….or should I? Or am i better to just
    cut my loses? I got 2 people today at 30 bucks for 10 windows each at 4
    times a month!

  4. Sam B

    Thank you K,
    Yes the sales problem for “NewGuys” no police calls yet, its like
    businesses have poor people radar, and will low ball below low ball every
    single time. Soooo I break my integrity rule and lie. “Yes sir I was
    working right around the corner stopped in next door and Saw Your Dirty
    Windows” baddaboom, extra $1 per window. And be professional, not a bucket
    Bob. Iron on T-shirt transfers are great, looks just like my business card.
    Can’t wait for car magnets that are in the budget,which will change by the
    minute it seems. Also a voice recorder is so much faster than note taking.
    The ideas or fixes I call them come in huge waves, thanks again

  5. Kevin Bilyak

    Thanks for doing these videos!

    What about cleaning windows that have stickers on them? Some businesses
    have their phone number, or name etc on the windows. Do you charge more?
    Special technique for cleaning because of the stickers? Thanks from
    California ;)

  6. Anthony Stewart

    What state are you in? Window jobs go for a lot higher here!… Awesome
    video though. Keep posting

  7. Scott K

    If nothing else you are very inspirational… Love watching your stuff
    especially when im a little frustrated with life…

  8. HeavyMetal/Metal FreakGuy

    When you were first starting did you for example charge $12 for those 12
    subway windows outside and inside altogether or did you charge $12 for the
    outside plus another $12 for the inside?

  9. Anthony Hirsch

    Hay man I live in Waterford iv been a window cleaner for 20+ years.. I just
    now starting up agen aft a little break.. your videos are awesome thank

  10. 1982akuma

    Bro thanks so much for all the vids and advice! I’ ve just started my own
    window cleaning thing last week and im hitting the streets hard and just
    walking in and asking anyone and everyone I come into contact with. As far
    as churning up business goes, how were you able to get into contact with
    the Management or owner? I keep getting blocked by sfaff or front desk even
    tho I like to do my search work dressed business casual with a clipboard
    and cards, they always try to block my pitch. Any suggestions for getting
    around “them”? Also any advice for getting in with chains? I.E.
    restaurants, banks, retail stores?

  11. Victor Murillo

    Hello. Well I clean windows for post Construction. Man those windows are a
    bitch. takes me about 3 to 4 hours in one single house with 2 more persons.
    I am trying to Start my own thing. I a Subcontractor.

  12. Jared Olroyd

    great videos bud. I’m a highrise window cleaner in vegas. I work on the
    MGM, stratosphere, and other high profile buildings. I’m trying to start my
    own buisness. I have a water purification system. and Tucker poll. (super
    fast) but the clients not so fast. I’m knocking on doors and putting up
    door hanger fliers. I’m getting around $150 per single story home and $250
    for two stories. I guess I’m doing to good of a job. because it’s taking to
    long to set up the next appointment. my question how to get more frequency
    of clients. and do you know how to get any 5 story and higher buildings

  13. Isaac Ortiz

    What is some of the paper work that I have to do to start a window cleaning
    business? And what products do you use? Thanks!! Love your videos!!!

  14. philzie1173

    How do you clean the inside of the windows with all the signs are they
    taken down or do you just clean around them

  15. Brandon Ford

    Wow, I would’ve thought a minimum of $75 for the Subway.. I dont know
    anything about window cleaning, but I have been in the service industry for

  16. Adam McGhan

    Dude, you guys gave me the boldness to bid my first big job the way I
    should. My price came in $20 more but the current company isn’t wiping the
    windowsills and door frames. They even left dried up blue solution all over
    so I showed the customer how I’d do better and what isn’t being done… I
    offer free high dusting and I’m having success with this “extra” value
    since every guy with a squeegee won’t offer that.

  17. Daniel Hicks

    i had buisness cards and pens printed up then i started second guessing
    myself. Then i found a couple of your videos and it gave me the confidence
    to hit the ground running. thanks man


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