How To Negotiate Your Job Offer – Prof. Deepak Malhotra (Harvard Business School)


  1. Barry Graham

    I wonder if he knew it would get more than 400000 views when he said it
    would show up somewhere!

  2. Zubaydah Abdullah

    Someday I’ll be there, there is nothing impossible
    I do not know English very well, I used Google to translate words
    And I can not wait to learn a lot of information

  3. Deborah Waldorf

    every students who will graduate soon need to watch this… thnks Prof. ^^

  4. Krista Paulina (MommaAndB)

    Whoever recorded this needs to take a class in using a camera. LEAVE IT ON
    A TRIPOD!! Jeez my head hurts

  5. Erlend H.

    What exactly are these 15 pieces of advice? Since we can’t see the
    powerpoint in the video…

  6. John Garvens

    Amazing presentation, Professor Malhotra. Thanks for sharing your insights
    and advice. I learned a ton.

    If anyone else is interested in a text version of this, Professor Malhotra
    published an article on the Harvard Business Review website containing all
    15 pieces of negotiation advice. Here is the link:

    Also, here are links to Professor Malhotra’s books on Amazon. I just
    ordered mine.
    – Negotiation Genius:
    – I Moved Your Cheese:

  7. Mike Hill

    This guy was so good in “Scent of a Woman”. It’s not easy pretending to be
    blind like that.

  8. Samir Ahmad

    This was excellent. Simple and concise with almost every second being
    critically significant (except for the Q&A portion).

  9. Nadia Abbasi

    Love it!!!! Thank you Mr. Malhotra– I’m sharing this with my network now.

  10. Duke Fair

    Dang, are there any links to PowerPoint or any kind of handouts for the

  11. Kei Korono

    15:35 **
    17:35 ****
    21:16 **
    33:45 ***
    40:24 ****
    52:18 *****
    55:20 *****

  12. Norm jones

    when i started y first job as a bookkeeper at 17 i I was paid 3 times less
    then the other accountants even though i did more

    I asked my boss for a raise he told me “I will pay you what you are worth
    to me, if you think you re worth more go somewhere else”

    naturally i was pissed off at his response then i realized he was right
    your salary will only be representative of how much money you can make your
    company someone who makes a company 500 dollars a day is only at the most
    worth 450 dollars as an example

    now I have people fresh out university under me graduating and asking for a
    pay rise within 6 months of leaving. I tell them the exact thing my old
    boss told me but nicer
    ” go work out how much money you make for the firm and come back to me with
    the result”

    those that do usually find they make enough to cover their salaries which
    we pay them out

    from a manager work out how much you are worth your productivity,

  13. Sosesm
  14. Deepak Malhotra

    Hi All,

    Deepak Malhotra here. My new book, Negotiating the Impossible, just hit
    bookstores… and it’s available now on Amazon (and everywhere else)…

    If you’ve enjoyed my job negotiation video, you’ll Love this book.

    Best wishes always,

  15. volare2013

    Great talk. What I get from this: make people like you first and then
    convince that you deserve it.

  16. Hrishikesh Shirsikar

    He said no one would be filmed but I can see 3 female students at 11:32.
    Sue people, sue!! :D

  17. Deepak Malhotra

    I have just posted a new video, which is a speech I gave last week (in
    April, 2016) to the graduating students at Harvard Business School. It’s
    titled “The Purpose of Education”. You can find it at this link:
    I hope you find it to be of some value. Reactions welcome!
    Best wishes,

  18. Conner Fields

    What is an HBS? Harvard Business School. I’m liberal arts associate,
    working on my bachelors.

  19. Manjunath S

    Great talk, really liked his approach and learnt a lot !

  20. Wil Chinchilla

    You said don’t care about dollar amounts, but then you dive into comparing
    getting underpaid?

  21. Lauren Conrad

    Brilliant speech. Thanks for the education.

  22. aselunar

    When you say “don’t rush the offer” are you talking about not rushing the
    extension of the offer or not rushing them to produce the written offer
    after they have already extended the offer?

  23. johnnyboy922

    Just added these on top of an offer that already banks me $5k more than my
    current job. only playing at the $50k level so these are pretty
    significant. PS I have always found that other offers does not really give
    you a position of strength, sounds more like a threat and the response from
    some people will be “go take that offer”

    + Use of the daily driven company vehicle for commuting to and from work.

    + $3k salary bump after I become a Certified Arborist.

    + 50% 401k vested at the start. (brings us to a true 3% match at the
    starting gate 6% total)

    + 15 days of PTO starts Jan 2017 (rather than full calendar year depending
    on company policy)

  24. TheCrazyKid9800


  25. Datta Dhainje

    thank you so much deepak malhotra sir nice video and really helpful to me

  26. Joseph Miller

    the word Business is misspelled on the title screen of the video. Not a
    great start there, guys.


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