How to Make Flyers for Business – And Tips to Boost Response | Carmen Sognonvi Making flyers? Get best bang for your buck. Need to make flyers for business? Local business expert Carmen Sognonvi explains how local businesses can use flyers to zero in exactly on their ideal customer.

Want to run a successful local business? Check out Carmen Sognonvi"s video blog. It"s jam-packed with tips on local business and local marketing for small business owners.

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  1. Carmen Sognonvi

    @youtubbin16 So glad you found the video valuable! If you have any other
    questions about using flyers to market your business, please don’t hesitate
    to leave another comment. Thanks for watching!

  2. SuperCarnall

    good video you answered a lot of my questions. thanks for the good advice.

  3. Giovanni Perez

    Nice tips! I need help please! how can i make 4 little flyers from one
    piece of paper. It could sound dum but I dont work with my computer all the
    time, and now I need to make some flyers. Thank you for your time.

  4. Carmen Sognonvi

    @methenyfanpgh Appreciate your kind words – thank you!

  5. Carmen Sognonvi

    @Ramgio82 I’m pretty sure your local print shop or Fedex Office can help
    you with that. But if you want to print them at home, what I usually do is
    just create a flyer in the top right quarter of a PowerPoint slide, then
    copy and paste it into the other 3 quarters. I then print it out and cut
    the piece of paper into 4. But I suspect there’s an easier way that I just
    don’t know about!

  6. CSChess

    Thanks so Much! Nice and Professional, CSChess.Net

  7. Johnny Silva


  8. lordkeezah

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  10. Anthony Smith

    Great share Carmen. This came right on time. I appreciate the value

  11. MStycki

    my left ear enjoyed this a lot

  12. Alvin Amposta

    Hi Carmen! Very informative video. I noticed in this video you had a
    Martial Arts school. My brother & I just opened ours 4 weeks ago. What
    would be a Good Offer on a flyer? The only one we keep pushing is “Free
    Classes” And what would be a good “Call to action” for a Martial Arts
    school? I would greatly appreciate any advice.

  13. Ye Chen
  14. Candice Odom

    printing flyers today for my tutoring business….thanks for the tips

  15. tasnim mohammedali
  16. Pedro Reynoso
  17. Pedro Reynoso

    Thanks… :)

  18. leahdin

    I have been doing it lately and it works, although it is not easy to stand
    in the street and do this. But it really works. And you are right about
    targeting your demographic. Thank you very much !

  19. kody Auckland

    Thank you. I am a student and what to promote a event for students and was
    very doubtful about using flyers, but this has given me a lot of confidence
    and reassurance. Thank you again :)

  20. Diogo Teixeira

    You’re gorgeous!! 😉 Thank you for the tips.

  21. Skincare by Nurse Leslie

    Thank you for these great tips! I can’t wait to try them out.

  22. Videofanten

    Great channel and lots of good advices to find, I subscribed. Thanks for
    the heads up! :)

  23. tasnim mohammedali

    great video , keep it up

  24. Naomi Rodriguez

    Very insightful!!! 

  25. Sabrina Bentley

    Great tips Carmen. Thank you. 


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