How to find Business Ideas : Motivational Video for Entrepreneurs (in Hindi)

Here comes a video on few quick tips on how to find business ideas. This video is for entrepreneurs who are looking to find ideas for business. This Video is about ways to find business ideas for entrepreneurship in India or abroad. All those viewers who are looking for business ideas in hindi, this motivational video for entrepreneurs is for you.

This Entrepreneurship Video is my response to a question asked “I want to be an entrepreneur and run a business of my own. Can you give us few tips on finding Business Ideas" I believe one may not necessarily sit down and find business ideas, ideas can be found by many different ways. Irrespective of the country, weather you are looking for business ideas in India or abroad, following business training tips can be helpful for you.

1.) Problems: Many a times we can get business ideas from the problems or challenges which we face. Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith were employees of Apple when they got idea of making a free web mail service known as Since they were not able to communicate with each other privately, so the idea came our of a problem they were facing. They sold it to Microsoft for 400 Million Dollars. So entrepreneurship ideas can come from problems.

2.) Poor Service: Phanindra Sama was working in Bangalore and wanted to go to home for diwali holidays, he was unable to get bus ticket to hyderabad. He was frustrated with the service of travel agents. While sitting back in his flat in bangalore alone during diwali, idea of online bus ticketing portal came to his mind to ensure smooth bus ticketing like rail and air ticketing. He and his friends went ahead and formed which is India"s leading bus ticketing company now. So entrepreneurship success story can start from a poor service too.

Observe: Third point in this entrepreneur motivational video is to observe. If you keep your eyes open and ears alert, you can observe many new entrepreneurship ideas around you. JK Rowling was waiting for late train at London Station when she got idea of Harry Potter. Jaideep Sahney was reading news about girls hocket team, when he got idea of Chak De India, movie starring Shah Rukh Khan. Newton observed Apple falling on ground, and he thought about gravity. So being entrepreneur, you shall have habit of observing things around and ideas will surely come. Many of the business ideas for students have come while observing case studies in classes. Many Creative ideas have come as new innovations in India which are business ideas with low investment model.

4.) I wish I can: There are so many statements in our day to day life, wherein we say I wish I can. We should carefull obsereve our wishes, and think how we can, you never know what ideas you start getting. Wright brothers thought, wish we can fly, they changed form wish to how and invented airplane. Ratan Tata had dream of a small budget car, he thought how, and made Tata Nano, world"s cheapest car. And it is one of the famous entrepreneurship success story in India. Chester Carlson was studying legal notes in library, he wished to have a device which can copy instead of rewriting, idea of photocopy machine came to his mind. Similarly, there are so many ideas of websites, machines, devices, applications, books etc which we wish to have in reality. Think of how we can bring them to reality.

Innovation: Last point of this video on entrepreneurship in hindi is Innovation. Google was not the first search engine, but it is number one search engine in world now. Facebook was not first social networking site, but it is now number one networking site in world. So it is not important to have a unique business idea for entrepreneurship. One can also innovate in already existing idea and make it better and business model in itself. It is about right decision at right time or right execution/implementation.

So these were few tips in hindi for entrepreneurs in India. I wish you all the best for success in entrepreneurship. I will keep posting more videos on business ideas in hindi in India.

Himesh Madaan
Corporate Trainer and Motivational Speaker for Entrepreneurs


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