How Contractors Deal with Cheap Clients – Business Tips Click on this link if you are interested in learning more about how successful contractors do business. Watch this video if you"re a frustrated contractor who often runs across clients who feel like you"re charging too much money. One of the biggest problems with business relates to how we handle ourselves emotionally. Let your emotions handle your business and it won"t be long before you"re out of business. Don"t forget to check out our book on contractor tips, especially if your business is struggling or your new to construction.


  1. electricalron

    You made a lot of good points in this video. The best one, IMO, was to put
    yourself in their shoes and try to see things from the customers point of
    view. I think that, and the ability to listen are 2 components that make up
    a good contractor.

  2. startreking

    Do carpenters/contractors have a problem with DIY’ers? What I mean is the
    person comes out to the perspective clients site to be a consultant. I hope
    I’m making sense.

  3. razorsharkabc

    Thumbs up! Thank you for responding to my post. It’s a hit and miss
    business. You got to give 8 or 10 estimates out and get 1 job.Thats what
    waste my time the most. Im sticking to my prices. I Move on to the next
    person that will pay you what your worth. Yea, sometimes you think if I
    would of come down a bit on the price we might of got that job.But why do a
    job for less than your worth and work yourself to death. Hell Home Depo ant
    coming down on the meterials.

  4. manholewisdom

    Are you paying him as a “consultant” and did you agree to his fee? OR… do
    you just call him out as a “perspective client” to pump him for
    information? hmmmm???

  5. startreking

    Ok I wasn’t clear so I’ll try again. I’ll try an example. Contractor comes
    over checks out the project. Quotes, say 50,001.32. Would the Contractor be
    willing to let the customer do as much work as reasonably possible, like
    demolition up to removing everything except studs and subfloor. Continuing
    on that thread, competent client make building plans, do some rough framing
    and maybe even more. —-Continued—-

  6. startreking

    Even when new work is exactly as shown on plans? And the work created
    passes inspection. With plumbing/electrical/hvac all passing too? No
    contractor would be willing to negotiate with that?

  7. kdavidmcd

    I’m saying do the work first and let the contractor inspect the work you’ve
    done after you’ve done it so he knows what he’s dealing with and so there
    is no confusion. And when he gives you the bid, don’t say,” Well what if we
    take this off and I do this part? How much will it cost then?”. That’ll
    send us running for the hills and go bid the next job and hope you don’t
    call back. I’m just being as honest as possible coming from the
    contractor’s point of view.

  8. startreking

    So in short it’s “all or nothing”?

  9. cns688

    Hi, Based on a small sample of the videos and articles on your website I
    can only say I am happy for the people in your area that you are no longer
    in business. Frankly people like you give contractors a bad name, I am
    genuinely over thirty years in business and have always treated my
    customers with respect, the result is I am always booked out at least 6
    months. I make a very good living by giving the customer Value For Their
    Hard Earned Money, my first impression is you are a con artist.

  10. gregvancom

    Well then my friend, if I give contractors a bad name, I hope you continue
    giving them a good one.

  11. StarrTile

    At 6:40 you say you call a potential customer names & they call you names
    ??? WTF, you kidding me ??? I’m glad you’re not doing this anymore ! Been
    doing home repairs of some sort since 1987 and thats NEVER happened to have lots of anger issues buddy & this bitch session you went on
    does NOT endear you to anyone. Never seen such whining about a job YOU
    CHOSE to take on !

  12. SkilledEddie

    2 reasons why we get these type of “customers” 1. Many “contractors” out
    there work for peanuts and undercut the pros who know how to charge and
    stick with their prices. So then the customers spread word all over town
    “hey i got this awesome contractor that works dirt cheap” and it spreads
    like a disease. So now everyone is expecting prices that low. 2. Their are
    some people that honestly don’t know what professionals charge because they
    may be new home owners.

  13. SkilledEddie

    I get this a lot…..”$2,000 bucks?!! thats high can you give a better
    price? Sure how about $2,500 that’s better right? Ohhhhh you mean a better
    price for you? Well that wouldn’t be fair would it now if you just got a
    better price, what about me? haha that usually makes them feel weird or
    guilty and then say ok when can you start

  14. Dasi Pin

    How do fight a wrong accusation to your business ?

  15. gregvancom

    There isn’t much you can do, without any witnesses or if you don’t have
    everything in writing. I’m going to address this issue in a future video,
    because you’ve got an excellent question.

  16. gregvancom

    I honestly can’t believe some of the people I’ve met, my entire life. I’ve
    been doing this for so long, I can practically put anyone into a specific
    box of human behaviors and still to this day can’t believe the nerve of
    some of these individuals who won’t hesitate to ask for anything and when
    you tell them no, they’re deeply offended, for about 2 seconds. Keep the
    good customers and lose the bad ones.

  17. karl c

    if youre in business, youll have disagreements. Personalities can clash.
    some home owners need to get schooled on how to treat contractors with
    respect. Free estimates are not free and nobody likes the home owner to
    waste our time.

  18. hondacivic1992

    Cheapskates are just a reality of life if you own a business or are
    self-employed. I am a web designer who constantly gets offered ridiculously
    low prices for my work. Sometimes they even have the balls to say that they
    have somebody who can do it for $100 (in which case I sometimes tell them
    that someone in India make a website for $50). Personally, I just choose to
    ignore these people. It is almost impossible to get them to see the value
    of your work so don’t waste your time.

  19. gregvancom

    I hope everybody who watches this video reads your comment, because there’s
    a lot of truth in it and I appreciate you taking the time to share your
    experience with us.

  20. l cruz

    sounds to me mrs lady needed work alright .

  21. Gerald Guard

    You’re preaching to the choir man. It’s a good feeling also when you tell
    them don’t call you or you walk off and say find someone you can work with.
    So are you a consultant? I do construction Drawings for permitting and shop
    drawings for contractors.

  22. Gerald Guard

    It’s not only in construction its in every profession Except Law and
    medicine. Folks accept their price without question (Law & Medicine) and
    they have to pay the laywers up front and when walking out of their
    offices, co-payment is required.

  23. Andy Sharp

    Thank you thank you thank you! Helpful information.

  24. mike mac donald

    How about when you show up for a small couple hour job, and they tell you
    after you are done ” i’m gonna need some more work done in a few weeks,
    i’ll pay you in full for both jobs then ” it’s kinda hard after you are
    done to get paid. Even if it is only a couple hundred . These cheap people
    should tell you that when they call you. Or maybey i should tell them
    myself when they call me …?

  25. Daniel Kerr

    HAAAAAAAAAA Cheap Clients right because Contractors have such a good
    reputation for not ripping people off.


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