Google Maps Local SEO Training Video (2016 Edition) – Google My Business Optimization Tips


  1. yakir s

    if i don’t accept customers at my location (working as service provider)
    should i put the full address in my website or just the city and the zip
    code like google my business does?

  2. Mang Tato

    Very Nice Video – Thanks I will us on My Kss Bali Tour

  3. Cornelius White

    Hi Mike, awesome video I was extremely impressed with your knowledge of SEO
    especially with google maps. I know seo google partners are not satisfied
    with this video because you have shared how to rank on google without
    paying a google partner. So what I don’t understand is why is there
    companies who are ranked on google maps and have less than 3 reviews. I
    finally got ranked on google maps but it depends on how the searching is
    worded which is confusing.. for example if you search painting company in
    gainesville, fl. you want see my company corspaint. But if you search
    painting company in gainesville and dont include “fl”. my company appears
    in google maps. also if you search gainesville, fl painting company. My
    company corspaint shows up in the map search. But for some strange and odd
    reason it does not show up when I type in painting company in gainesville,”

  4. Houston Hypnosis Center℠

    Do you find that this helps in ranking in the organic search results beyond
    the 3 pack?

  5. Charles Town

    What a smart, cool guy..Thanks. Charles

  6. Houston Hypnosis Center℠

    Thanks Mike! I filled out the form and submitted it to you. Joshua

  7. Jacques RAYMOND

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks for your great video.
    You mentioned about a WordPress Plugin that will upload pictures from
    Could you please give me the name of that Plugin ?
    Thanks for your time.

  8. Houston Hypnosis Center℠

    Mike I could not find the html hcard mark-up wordpress plug in you mention
    in the video. Which one do you use?

  9. Houston Hypnosis Center℠

    Mike, Thanks for that! I am just trying to mark up a couple of reviews to
    display in the side bar like you suggest. So I should search for the
    json-ld format schema mark up for reviews instead of hcard?

  10. Houston Hypnosis Center℠

    Mike, Thank you so much for that! I would be open to hearing back from you
    about a comprehensive plan for both off page and on page optimization.
    Either way your video and support are greatly appreciated. Joshua

  11. simon john bansigan

    This tutorial really helps!

  12. Satbir Singh

    dtc cargo packers movers

  13. Mike Van Berghen

    If your’re a car salesman you can specify the brand of car you sell In GMB.
    Only car brands were included. Say you are selling Pioneer or Bose, Google
    does not give you the same options to be found locally, which is a serious
    handicap. Thank you for this extensive tutorial video which we followed to
    the letter, will this help us to be found locally in the 3-pack with third
    party audio brands that we resell instead of just on the generic term (like
    Hi-fi) to alleviate Googles obmission of specific well known international

  14. Mike Van Berghen

    No 3-pack triggered with brand name + city name. However “hifi” triggers
    the 3-pack.

  15. ryan gliddon

    Awesome Video

  16. Richardsphotographyinsa

    Just what I needed to learn. Thank you so much for sharing all of this
    great information on SEO. I asked some seo guru about helping me and he
    wanted $3500 per month. Yeah right!

  17. Biz Grow

    Really excellent information.This is exactly what I have been looking
    for.Thank you so much.Please could you let me know where to get a wordpress
    template which works well for location page like you used in your example.

  18. Donna Durbin

    My head is spinning with all the information you shared. Thank you for
    being so clear. Now to try to put those pieces in place in my website.

  19. Orlando Suite Hotels Near Disney World

    It looks like maps3pack has expired. Are you still in business?

  20. Mike Gluck

    that was awsome….what theme did you use…for that … you like
    weebly themes at all and will they work just as well as the wordpress
    templetes….thanks for sharing this fantastic information…God bless

  21. Claudia

    This is an amazing tutorial! Thank you for taking the time to share this
    with us!

  22. Jeff Sass

    Very cool stuff! BTW what was that site that you showed containing
    citations, links, etc?

  23. Online Services

    I appreciate you for sharing this information. G maps is a big deal.

  24. JOHN G

    Blessings Mike, I really appreciated your detailed instruction. The 1,2,3
    are all important to staying the course for moving forward.


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