Facebook Marketing Tips| 3 Tips To Help You Get Better Results On Facebook


Today I wanted to give you three Facebook marketing tips that will help you get better results with your marketing efforts on Facebook. Lot"s of people believe that marketing on Facebook is as easy as throwing your links up in your status updates, or posting them wherever you feel like posting them. Well, here"s a few Facebook marketing tips that, while not earth shattering, will certainly keep you in the favor of the facebook powers that be, and are very valuable.

The first of our Facebook marketing tips is NEVER spam your link. When people join a business opportunity, whether out of excitement, ignorance, or improper training, lot"s of folks plaster their affiliate link, or company link all over their facebook page. Now, if this isn"t enough, they sometimes also blast your page with it too. Facebook etiquette dictates that you shouldn"t send your link to anyone unless they ask for it first. Now, I suppose if you"re getting your facebook marketing tips from someone who tells you any different, I"m going to say outright that they don"t know what they"re talking about. Blasting your link all over creation is a great way to get blocked, unfriended, or land in facebook jail.


So, now we come to number two of our facebook marketing tips. This tip is vitally important if you"re using facebook for business. Keep in mind also that these facebook marketing tips are designed to keep your account up and running, and your network growing. So to that end, you must set up a facebook fan page. Having a facebook fan page, will do two things. First, it will give you a platform to promote your business, whether its a network marketing opportunity or a barber shop, without annoying your friends with a business post every five minutes. Second, it will allow you to add value to your audience by giving them something that they only get by visiting your fan page. Whether that"s a business building tip, or a coupon for their next purchase. Also, another reason why this is one of the more important facebook marketing tips, is that it"s against facebook policy to use your personal page for business purposes. Technically they could shut you down for it. Will they? Who knows. Why risk it!

So the final portion of the facebook marketing tips for today is actually one of the cool features that facebook has come up with. It"s called boosting a post. For a fee, you can actually create a post that will show up at the top of your friends, and their connections, news feed. This is a fantastic way to create engagement, get more fans, or promote something for your business. You do have to still follow facebooks guidelines, because this is an ad, and facebook has to approve it.

So there you have it, 3 facebook marketing tips to get you started with the basics of how to market on facebook.

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To see the replay of this video, Facebook Marketing Tips| 3 Tips to Help You Get Better Results On Facebook , go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzCsPVkwpbg


  1. Scott Carrell
  2. Linda Bomba

    Nice tips Scott. The spamming your links all over in a million groups.

  3. Daria Jackson-Legagneur

    Hey Scott great FB Tips. Anyone that doesn’t watch Michelle’s FB training
    is crazy. She is the best when it comes to Facebook Marketing.

  4. Andres Paez

    Yes Scott, its all about common sense ! be social! I don’t know how people
    still spam..

  5. Tracey R

    Tip no#1 is so simple, but why oh why do sooooo many people still do it?
    … spammers be gone 😉

  6. Tracey R

    So simple… yet people are STILL not doing these!

  7. Dayton Anderson

    Great Facebook Tips! This should be posted in all of the FB groups with
    spammers! I hate it.

  8. Thomas Ray

    Very true spam just looks desperate! Really killer Facebook tips Scott, you
    really put some true value out for people to learn

  9. AM Jones

    Really good video. Not spamming your link is really important, you must
    learn to stand out, thank you for sharing these great tips.

  10. Tony Aveiro

    Great job Scott Facebook marketing is crucial. Thanks for delivering value!!

  11. Jeremy Paul Morgan

    Awesome tips my brotha! Keep em coming buddy. 

  12. Jennifer Snyder

    Love your 3 Facebook Marketing Tips!

  13. Shawn Andrew Walker

    If only everyone would watch this video and listen to not spamming. Thanks
    for the tips dude! 

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  16. Shu Focus

    thanks for sharing.

  17. Marshall Stuart

    Nice facebook marketing tips 🙂 personally I also hate all those spammy
    posts that appear in one’s facebook timeline. I also found an interesting
    read –

  18. Denisa Petre

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