Essential Tips For Starting A Business

Starting a business isn"t a task to be taken lightly, it can take years to get it right, Zachary Prell shares some of his knowledge on how to start a successful business.

Check out Zachary"s video Where Fashion Meets Function:


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  1. MrFlyingflipflop

    this guy knows what he’s talking about. good video

  2. Francisco Silva
  3. Arif Rahman Hakim

    Thanks very much for the tips ^^

  4. SocialExecutive385

    Want to join my team in our business venture? Send me a private message via
    YouTube and let me know.

  5. Tina Tiainen

    another funding option is crowd funding. Visit websites like indiegogo or
    kickstarter and you can raise money for your business online by getting
    contributions from your local friends, family, and community, as well as
    the online community.

  6. Spencer Guier

    Great video, keep em coming!


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