Elon Musk – Starting A Business

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28 thoughts on “Elon Musk – Starting A Business

  1. Robert Neckelius

    I love the last comment. “You should take the approach that you are wrong,
    and the goal is to be less wrong.”

  2. Alex Reidy

    not sure why people give him so much shit for “stuttering”

    I never noticed it until people pointed it out. It’s probably just a
    challenge for him to verbalize what he’s thinking.

  3. sharpemang

    Screw that. I’d rather start a business than work for someone else like the
    rest of the slaves. If you’re constantly changing jobs and never happy at
    any career that is a clear indication that you will never be happy working
    for someone else. 

  4. Kenz300 x

    Elon Musk is a visionary……………..Doing good for humanity………..
    An inspiration showing that there still are people interested in the common
    good of mankind.
    Too many people and businesses have only a short term plan…… Elon Musk
    looks at the big picture and makes long term plans. More businesses need to
    stop looking at only the next quarter in their business plans and look to
    the long term.


    “It shouldn’t be slightly better than your competitor, it has to be a lot
    better..” ..

  6. phil eightmil

    I think he speaking from his perspective. It doesn’t work out the same way,
    by the same rules he describes for each person.

  7. Jordan Cech

    This is so true. When I first started my business, I was so excited to
    start and was really motivated. But as the problems came, I could see the
    ‘fun’ factor go down lol. You just gotta push through it till the end!
    Everything is fun when it’s new, so for all my fellow entrepreneurs, hang
    in there!


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