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In this 2010 TED Talk by Cameron Herold, Cameron presents the idea that we should be encouraging entrepreneurship in the educational system and at home as opposed to the philosophy of “getting a good job". An idea that I personally have believed for a long time. Entrepreneurs are what pushes us forward, a population that seems to be dwindling. – Lucas

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  1. George S.

    I am a very proud student at Carleton right now and getting involved in a
    new Carleton Startup Association. Pretty cool to see someone else from
    Carleton on a TED Talk! Absolutely love this video by Mr. Herold.

  2. Chris Darling


  3. Dorjee Wangmo

    Nice talk…worth watching.I am from Bhutan and i thought of doing some
    business but am not confident .So help me gmail id is
    [email protected]

  4. vincentsro

    16.30 Hallilujah man!! great talk ty for sharing!

  5. Plamen Zdravkov
  6. jc banks

    great talk thank you for sharing while i am working on my dream come get
    your avon and home made beaded bling from me

  7. marquist rhodes

    This video was very informative on how to be an entrepreneur but more
    importantly on how to educate your kids to be their own boss while helping
    others as well. Thanks Cameron!!!!

  8. jake lay

    hahaha this is awesome! i have my own business as well and im helping
    others do the same. if you want to live the Dream. [email protected]
    and become an IBO. and lets create this culture of Waking up the world. get
    on the team guys be your own boss. email me.

  9. Candace Barksdale

    Thank you so so much!!!!!!!!!!

  10. blank verse

    i feel the same way! no one wanted to help us figure it out!

  11. Phelece Johnson

    Very inspiring and informative.

  12. Kimberly. Killebrew

    inspiring but this does not make know sence to me.

  13. robert t

    thanks for sharing this important video! I was really pissed off in my Job
    and i wanted to break free. But I did not do how to get out of it! But, i
    did 3 things 1) prayed to god every day 2) checked out many videos like
    this one which helped me to keep trying 3) also i implemented concepts
    given in “21 Entrepreneurial Habits~Free” android app. now, within 3
    months, I am out of my shittie job and i have started a small business. i
    am more happy and enthusiastic now!


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