Creating An EBay Seller Account In 2016 The ULTIMATE Tips And Tricks To Selling On EBay


  1. thomas t

    switch to www. web store . com no fees spread the gift 

  2. M Sil

    Thank you :)

  3. Aura Gael

    It’s been a really long time since I’ve sold there but still have an
    account. The last I checked it looked like I could pay fees using paypal.
    Is that right or am I missing something?

  4. jerardo sanchez

    Good video thank you so much


    If you sell a lot and need a decent store you must pay ebay $199 a month
    for an anchor store.

  6. DanaLorenArt

    Very helpful, thank you for sharing

  7. splashcat

    Risk free eBay? Not financially. They invoice for insertion fees on items
    listed on their “Free” listing promotions.

  8. HellishGrin460

    All I wanted was to setup an account to sell; not have some annoying voice
    lecture me on OPINIONS that I don’t care about.

    Other than the above statement; I am more than happy with the results.

  9. Afrin FZ

    Thanks a ton !! :)

  10. Fig Studio

    Nice help, Thanks, I have a doubt, how to export data from ebay to my
    magento site, plz help me. 

  11. megasif

    Dude, this is overwhelming like Will6804 says. Where is the part about
    PayPal? How you gonna get money if you don’t do PP? How much is the initial
    fee? I thought you said it is free unless you sell something? OMGosh, this
    is more confusing than getting a college degree. I think there is a lack of
    info going around. I don’t want to get hit by unreported fees…I also just
    want to sell simply…much like CL….but to the world…..I don’t mind the
    fee on the product sales…but if I have to pay to join, I might not.

  12. Antonsouvenirs Antonsouvenirs


  13. Veeqo

    Matthew Godwin of eRated kindly did a piece for us recently on seller
    profile tips. One that’s really easy to do when starting out on eBay is
    setting up a good profile picture. Matthew said:

    “Since last year, eBay has given its sellers the opportunity to “socialize”
    their profiles with a more Facebooky vibe. Especially if you’re a new
    seller with little feedback, this is your chance to convey as much about
    you as possible to increase trust in you and your products… don’t be
    scared to post a picture of yourself and a product. Make it bright,
    colourful, centred and not too busy.Show some character. Like an
    old-fashioned shopkeeper standing at the door of your shop, offer shoppers
    a warm, “come on in” feeling.”

    If you’re interested, you can find the rest of his tips here:

  14. seeamerica1

    How is it different if I have a buyer account already ?

  15. Fatima qasimi

    thanks so much it helped me a lot

  16. Smart Vacuums

    Thanks to share this video tutorial, I’m searching this type of content.

  17. Arramu Maiam

    How the hell is this a 2016 tutorial if it was uploaded in 2013!

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  19. ExplosivePotato

    can i sell fame accounts on ebay? and how will the buyer receive the
    account…. please reply asap!

  20. craneoperator4

    I love how some of my items get removed when several thousand other sellers
    have the same and related items for auction…

  21. make this go viral

    This is outdated. The “Registration” page is different now.


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