Car Detailing Business Tips: part 1 Which side of the fence are you on….

Darren uses this unglamorous job to offer some professional auto detailing business tips and the ability of finding the hidden gem and thinking outside the box.
Darren is on location once again as he cleans up this messy vomit mishap and uses to highlight some tips for people looking to get into the business of professional auto detailing.
Tune into part 2 to see the after shots of this messy mishap.


  1. Auto Fetish Detail
  2. Shineworkz

    Thank you for making informative videos about the business of detailing. I
    have been on both sides of the fence too chicken to pull the trigger. Now I
    am all in I am learning a lot about the business side. Starting to figure
    out pricing an being confident in my pricing and it has been working. Keep
    making great helpful videos. Thank you

  3. Jorge Alberto

    Did you have to dissasemble the door panel and lift the carpet partially or
    totally? Had to use a steam machine or a hot wáter extractor for that job?
    What special kind of chemical did you use?

  4. alphacharlie65ms

    I can just see my wife’s face. Honey, what type of work you doing today.
    Just doing some vomit cleanup honey. Great video. Just struck me funny.

  5. Ryan Martinage

    That kid must have lost 5 pounds. Christ. 


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