CAPSIM – Tips, Tricks, & Strategy Guide (From Student to Student)


  1. AceofSpades

    Hey, Thanks so much for your video. I intend to follow your strategy and
    hopefully it works for me. I’ve only just begun on CAPSIM, I’m on practice
    round 1. Can I clarify that your video is for the practice rounds and not

  2. AceofSpades

    Hey man! Thanks so much for your video! I urgently need to clarify
    something before I proceed to the further rounds. I’ve only just started on
    the CAPSIM practice rounds today and I intend to use your strategy.

    Sorry to sound very naive, I want to go ahead and use exactly the strategy
    you’ve laid out above but do I not do anything regarding the price,
    positioning, production etc etc?

    Thank you thank you! Grateful if you could answer this!

  3. zhongting seah

    Hello, is it necessary to add any new products? Or are going to be ok with
    just the default products?

  4. Adam Martinez

    Hey whats up bro it’s me Adam from Marketing Research 13′ wow isn’t it
    funny how time flies? I’m doing capsim this semester and found your video
    by accident. What a small world. Good job !

  5. Fluke

    I tried this and i’m pretty sure I did everything as this guy says, but my
    company absolutely TANKED after round 1.


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