Business Tips: Photographers on LinkedIn

Join Jay P Morgan and me as we talk about using LinkedIn to get work and connections. Learn what types of photographers or videographers might benefit from LinkedIn and which ones should spend their time using other social media.

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  1. Georg Arju.

    Guys, seriously, you should look into audio quality. It suffers for number
    of episodes. Other than that, thanks for the episodes!

  2. messianicrogue

    LinkedIn suffers from spammers, from what I can see you guys are advocating
    spam. A REAL strategy would be to introduce yourself at a networking event,
    drop in to their office etc and use LinkedIn as a secondary verification
    channel. Of course Word Of Mouth and advocating your current clients give
    you some acknowledgement through their B2B social networks will go a longer
    way than random spam intro’s.

  3. KVPD

    Instagram is also a professional networking site. It was created for photos
    and great photographers do very well advertising their images through it.

    LinkedIn is not a reach out for any successful photographer.

  4. mikemigs123

    -1 for linkedin.

  5. Jordan Garcia

    Hello there I was wondering how I should go about making a backdrop like a
    news room, like the local news channel. I’m making sports highlight videos
    and would like to have the in studio look without a green screen or having
    a very expensive set built. I’m looking to build a portable background to
    sit at a desk in front of and talk about sports, how should I do this?
    Thank you in advance for any help that you may give me. Also thank you for
    the great content.

  6. Samuel Charpentier

    you guys should put coffee in your mugs, cause water makes it look empty,
    mostly when you put them down after drinking

  7. Stewart Baird

    The sound is a bit “clippy” – otherwise great info as normal

  8. Photographer Overnight

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    marketing to worry about. In order to make a decent wage, you’ll have to
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  9. Photographer Overnight

    As a photographer, there will be times when you feel like quitting for one
    reason or another, but just remember the reasons you got into photography
    in the first place. Sharing your artistic talents with others is rewarding
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    compliments people have given your work in the past and hold on to those so
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  10. Btube

    Brilliant advice! Linkedin isn’t a one size fits all tool, but can
    definitely have it’s uses.


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