Business Tips: How to Use a Blog to Get Sales

Join Jay P Morgan and me as we share how to use a blog to get sales. Learn what types of blog posts are going to help your business the most.

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  1. David Hargis

    Good video thanks

  2. M Potter

    The Audio sound funny.

  3. frame199

    Your tips and content are great. One caveat, wedding photography. I’d
    rather have my hand smashed by a large and jagged hammer than ever
    photograph another wedding! Other photographers (like myself) do not want
    to shoot weddings. I do have several friends who are superb wedding
    photographers i.e., Exquisite Photography But
    almost every promo for your “Business Coaching Class” seem to focus on
    wedding photography. If that is what you are offering, I’d have to say,
    “No”. My interest is in Commercial and Art photography with a side line
    into Portraiture. Please tell me I won’t hear ad nauseam about the
    wonderful world of wedding photography and I will be sorely tempted to sign
    up for your classes.

  4. KVPD

    Does this woman only own one shirt?


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