Business Tips – How to Give a Proper Handshake

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What does your handshake say about you? The ability to give a proper handshake is crucial in a professional setting. This video will provide you with the correct steps to ensure that your handshake is the best it can be. It will also discuss “awkward" handshakes and what not to do!

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  1. Amber Corkum

    …how did I get here…what happened?

  2. Nicene325ad .

    I cannot believe there is a video which teaches people how to shake hands.
    You have got to be really stupid if you don’t know how to shake hands.

  3. LiberalH8er1

    you got to be really stupid to shake hands to begin with, best way to
    spread diseases

  4. Julian Estigarribia

    oh god…

  5. Jocelyn Kuncl

    Proper Handshake

  6. Nick Denson

    Can I have permission to use this video in a presentation for FBLA students

  7. Brett Duffy

    If I do like a Freemason handshake or anything would it be ok


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