Business tips for photographers – learn how to run a successful photography practice

business tips for photographers – learn how to run a successful photography practice

business tips for photographers – how to run a successful business

Always be honest and professional, well presented. I have seen photographers in shoots dressed like after drunken parties and I thought that was the most unprofessional approach to business. People like people who look after themselves and appreciate true professionals. The most expensive photographer I know dress up in business suit with tie and all accessories. Don"t wear t shirt , jeans and shorts.

– You cannot sell to everyone. Get used to the fact people will say no to you and there is only one small percentage of people who will say yes. You need to see the word “NO" as a path to the next yes and you need to think in numbers. You need to speak to a certain number of people until you get the one who will be willing to employ you for your services

– People are different and you can expect the unexpected. I have got clients employing me because I am good, my style, and my personality, but these guys are not the majority. Other people employ me because I am in the right place at the right time, in their way. Some people employ me because I am tall, blond and some other do not employ me because I am tall and blond. Some people employ me because I am expensive and some other because I am cheap…everyone have their own perception. I was amazed to discover clients employed me without seeing my work. I just happened to be in their way when they were ready to buy photography…and this is one of the core truths and valuable lessons leading to the next very important tip in business success:

– make sure you talk to people wanting to buy photography. Talking with people not interested it is impossible and a big waste of time. I had a market stall for some time in a monthly local market and I had thousands of people coming by, but they were just people on the street having a stroll, a coffee or whatever. The rate was very low and I have decided

– when trying to convince people to employ you, do not tell them how good you are. Ask questions and listen to what people want. You will be surprised that if they are looking for a super hero, you can say that you just happen to be one. The best selling interviews I had, was when I did not talk too much, but I let the potential clients to talk.

– Never ask questions that can be answered with yes or no. For example is I want to establish a meeting my question is " when is the best time for you to meet, this Friday or Saturday" I never ask “do you want to meet this weekend?

– It is very easy to say no to a person in an email or an a phone. Learn from this and try to get people face to face as you will increase your chances to close a deal

– Offer value, never discount. If someone want a lower price, let them go. Instead of giving them 10% you are better offer including more for the same price. For example I would rather include an enlargement valued of 0 which will cost me , than discounting 0 off your package. The client needs to have the satisfaction they have negotiated and that will satisfy this need rather than you de-evaluate your services

– Always exceed expectations. Under-promise and over deliver will have better results than the other way.

– Be prepared for unhappy people. It is just a matter of time until someone is not happy. Make sure you are ready for it.

– I have seen many things in my life and I have learned not to judge. I had modest people paying all my fees without question, and I had rich people coming down from very expensive cars coming to my studio trying to negotiate me down for . There is no rule, you need to treat everyone with respect.


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    business tips for photographers – learn how to run a successful photography

  2. Christian Tudor

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  3. Vikash Kumar

    business tips for photographers – learn how to run a successful photography


    Great tips, as always. Thanks, Chris!

  5. Simon Everett

    Tall yes Blonde ???Hmmm :)) great tips Christian, may the force be with
    you :)

  6. dimitar dimitrov

    that’s great thank u very much….. keep going on that 

  7. AkibaAvenue

    Hi my friend. Everthings that you talking about in your video are completly
    I have been working 5 year in a store for salling commercial produce and
    one thing that i discover out, is to never try to force someone to buy
    Show to them that you don’t need them but they need your or your services.
    thank you soo much to sharing your tips for free as you do in your video !

  8. Marites Ong

    Christian thank you for your is always encouraging to hear you
    speak about your experiences and sharing it with us – so we can learn from
    it.. it is very inspiring too..

  9. Maija Max

    I love this and think that this is where I’m weak in and need to work on.
    Think I’m too nice to most. Thanks for your tips as always my friend.

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  11. Lincoln Crooks

    This came right in time as I am being out sold by people who have far less
    quality in their work than me. I now see that I need to work on my people
    skills (coming from a background of engineering and mechanics) (choose
    photography because of how good images make me feel and the fact that I can
    express myself and be as creative as I like). Their is however a big step
    up to then going on to selling photos though. Thanks Christian 

  12. ImageZonePhotography

    well, I have expressed my opinion on your training photographers and using
    a light meter. Now, I listened to your business advice for selling. I
    have to admit, in this area you have hit the nail on the head. Very good
    advice. Congratulations! Now, if you would just learn to use a light meter
    and promote its use when doing studio photography.;-)


    very very nice learn….


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