Business Success Tips – Environments Create Results

Quick true story – If you go lobster diving and catch 1 lobster, when you place the lobster in the holding bin, you have to put a lid on the bin or the lobster will climb out.

If you catch another lobster and put 2 lobsters in the bin, you don"t have to worry about the lobsters ever climbing out because the other lobster will always pull the other back in.

Moral of the story – Like people, the lobsters do not want to let another get ahead or become better.

Example – If you take your 5 best friends that you spend most of your time with. Take those five friends and average their yearly salary. This is going to be your yearly salary or will be soon.

This is your environment! Like a drug user, if they get out of rehab and go back to their same environment…you get the point.

I will be talking a lot more about this and helping you understand how to create “Successful Environments".

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  1. Eric Tippetts
  2. Sandy Hawkshaw

    Your video probably had good info, but you had background noise from TV (?)
    that made it hard to hear you.


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