Business Strategy Game Tips & Lessons Learned

Here"s a free video of things to watch out for while you are running your shoe company and competing in the BSG.

The fact that you are looking for help means you are doing your due diligence (i.e. research) like any real businessperson would before making informed business decisions.

I hope this video improves your BSG experience.


  1. vvaher1

    Great tips. These are very important universal tips that are useful for any
    kind of strategy used. There is no guaranteed winning strategy as the
    overall market situation may be changed quickly and certain global market
    rules may also be variated by the instructor so you will need to adjust
    your strategy. Play the game and have fun!!!!

  2. vvaher1

    By the way, The oldest leather shoe found in Armenia!!!!!

  3. 24isRealesT

    Good explanation.. Thanks

  4. John Crider

    Thanks, just started the BSG and this helped quite a bit

  5. Fredtten

    @vvaher1 That’s very much true!

  6. Deven K.

    very informational..appreciate it

  7. MXkid287

    Great video, awesome info. thanks for posting man!

  8. yaffala

    hi, i have some questions. Would you please be able to contact me at
    [email protected]? thank you

  9. MrBahamaboom

    did anyone reply to your mail request?

  10. Immy Walli

    where can i find such games online, please provide free websites. Thanks in

  11. Ron Baron

    I think there’s missing..Because if you will go to Wikipedia and search
    “globus”, you will see there that Globus game is not like this, it must be
    played with the condition that all will follow certain the guidelines of
    the bsg game.


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