Auto Detailing Business Tips: The power of “NO" and when to walk away!

Darren discusses the power of no in this latest of auto detailing business tips.


  1. Auto Fetish Detail
  2. aorguyphx

    Do you do rock chip repair 

  3. oldatarigamer

    Night and day difference on the car after all the work. I thought the
    advice about how focusing on the one tiny blemish can ruin the enjoyment of
    a nice looking car was quite good. 

  4. Dagoberto Ruiz

    Loved the video, I really want to try the Compound and Polish you use from
    Menzerna, I’m using Chemical Guys V-Line of Products but I can’t seem to
    pull these kinds of results. You left that Audi looking like glass,
    amazing! I wanted to add that I appreciated your break down of “Possible:
    Appropriate, Should: Shouldn’t” on the whiteboard, learned a lot.

    I want to know about getting your pricing down to the appropriate level.

    What are the factors you look at behind establishing your price? Do you
    have set up, fixed prices for doing windows – for example – a price
    separate from say cleaning the dash to cleaning and dressing the dash?
    Where say a customer could do an a la carte to get a price they can afford
    and still meet there expectations.

    How do you establish pricing?

    Thanks for all the great videos.

  5. Victor Becheanu

    great vid! watched the entire video. btw did you use a dual action buffer
    or a rodery buffer?

  6. Auto Love

    Love the videos and this is why I prefer my grunt work more work less
    expectations. Most believe in the hype that these magic products will get
    everything out that’s the hardest part to educate some about what they read
    may not be true. Price shoppers are annoying also and yes no is good
    especially when you do a car near theres and they see it and then spend
    once getting it done wrong and then spend again with you to get it done

  7. jeremy j

    Thanks for the video. Keep it up.

    Sounds like a really strange guy, unless he bought the car second hand…

  8. Marko Pilipovic

    Hi Darren, great video, very useful tips as always. I was wondering can you
    make a video about synthetic sealants, how to use it, when to use it (after
    buffing, polishing…) and why to use it. Maybe more tips about risk

  9. Cvllen

    Great Tips! I was wondering if it would be possible to do a video on
    starting a business or even how your environment can effect you car, for
    example the weather, pollution and temperature. I have noticed a huge
    amount of air pollution where I live since I bought my car as grit and dirt
    builds up on the windows and body just over night. keep up the good work.

  10. overcloth

    couple days ago my old dad buys a 1998 Buick Century, leather, kept out of
    the sun in garage but had a layer of road grime all over it. it’s tan dust
    color inside out. I drove it home and realized this car is extra nice.
    drives like brand new. I washed it outside and out. easy to clean. cleaned
    the grime from the interior, not hard to do. carpet is perfect. no dings in
    paint, couple mild clear coat scratches on front bumper that can be
    improved, and now the interior looks 98% brand new. exterior looks 99%
    perfect. dad paid $300 for the car. for some reason the hub caps look like
    they were put in a concrete mixer with gravel, lol.I was thinking about
    your videos the whole time. 


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